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Advertising in a Recession | Messaging for Crisis Marketing | Pivot, Don’t Pause

April 9, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Google takes COVID-19 ads out of quarantine. Google will slowly begin to allow businesses and other entities to run ads relating to the Coronavirus, so long as they are not for fake cures/products.
  • Mobile ads move to topple TV. Projections show mobile apps will surpass television as the primary channel for consuming video content by 2022, causing many brands to pivot their strategy.
  • Advantages of advertising during recession. Studies show how brands who think long term and invest in marketing during a recession can come out on top.
  • Walking the tightrope of Cause Marketing. Although most consumers feel brands should take a stance on social and political issues, marketers struggle with tone and positioning amidst a national pandemic.

Messaging Tips for Crisis Marketing

Strategies to aid your marketing

As the world adapts to this unprecedented time, your branding must adapt as well. Marketers may be struggling with how exactly to advertise their brand in a manner both responsible and rewarding.
Here are five tips to improve the tone and messaging of your marketing during this coronavirus pandemic:

1) Double-check your content. If you paid for promotions in advance or scheduled posts on social media, you could be in danger of accidentally releasing content that is insensitive to the current climate.

2) Inform people of your situation. If you’re still offering products/services, make sure this is crystal clear. People may assume your content is outdated and you are actually shut down. Some content should be dedicated to letting people know otherwise.

3) Keep your audience up to speed. It’s great to let your audience know how your company is addressing the crisis, but you also have an opportunity to provide useful information. This can help build long term credibility for your brand.

4) Highlight efforts to help. If you are doing things to help your community/customers during the pandemic, be sure to include it in your messaging. Consumers prefer giving their business to brands who care.

5) Avoid profiteering. By hiking prices on essential products/services, companies will lose a substantial amount of brand loyalty which will hurt them in the long run.

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Beyond To-Do Lists

Productivity tips & hacks

To-do lists can be effective for short-term tasks, but are they really the best way to keep the bigger picture on track? Consider supplementing your to-do list with power hours, a personal mission statement, and other big-picture strategies that keep you focused on long-term goals and not just short-term ones.

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Don’t Stop Selling

Helpful videos & podcast

Angie Lee talks about the importance of pivoting marketing efforts instead of pausing them in the current turbulent climate. Re-evaluate offering, positioning/messaging, and pricing models, but don’t put everything on hold.

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