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Bad Timing for Corona | Using TikTok for Leads | Better Work Habits from Roald Dahl

March 5, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • A bad time for Corona. Despite negative press due to the Coronavirus, Corona beer continues to promote its hard seltzer with the catch phrase “coming ashore soon” — which left a bad taste in some people’s mouths.
  • LinkedIn joins the club. LinkedIn is adding a story feature to their platform, finally following in the footsteps of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Spotify says “pay up.” The streaming giant is asking artists and record labels to shell out in order to advertise their songs within the app.
  • An untapped advertising gold mine. Advertisers are drawing attention to the “In-App Gap” — a catchy reference to the lack of in-app advertising compared to other platforms, despite the vast amount of time customers spend in-app.

TikTok your way to leads

Strategies to aid your marketing

TikTok’s unique format and popularity with Gen Z makes it an appealing platform for advertisers. But, these qualities are also what make it seem complicated to monetize for marketers. Here’s a 10-step guide for generating leads on TikTok.

1) Identify how many followers you’d like to have, and target views per video.

2) Consider buyer persona. Is your target customer even on TikTok? Evaluate their values.

3) Create a profile and brand it right, with a unique logo, captivating (but brief) bio, and a verification badge.

4) Come up with content. Live video is especially valuable.

5) Use branded and popular hashtags to engage target audiences.

6) Take part in one of the many challenges that tend to go viral on the platform.

7) Partner with influencers and thought leaders whose values align with your brand.

8) Invest in in-app advertising.

9) Create varied offers for different segments of your audience (i.e. Gen Z vs. younger Millennials).

10) Keep a close eye on your campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not.

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End the day like Roald Dahl

Productivity tips & hacks

Roald Dahl, among other famous writers, stand by an unconventional approach to productivity: Spend the last five minutes of your day completing tasks only halfway. If you’re writing, stop in the middle of a sentence. If you’re inputting data, don’t finish that entry! It helps you look forward to getting back to work, and always get a running start.

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Advanced online advertising

Helpful videos & podcast

The CEO of Adzerk, James Avery, touches on some advanced advertising methods that can help companies be seen in a world that’s slowly moving away from third-party cookies.

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