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Beyonce Partners with Peloton | From Tweets to Fleets | Safe Holiday Solutions

November 20, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Beyoncé gets physical. Peloton, a fitness app which has soared in popularity amidst the pandemic, has partnered with Beyoncé to create custom workout content including curated classes and pro-social initiatives.
  • Twitter’s on “fleet.” In the style of Instagram stories, Twitter has launched their own version called “fleets” — allowing users to post temporary content which will disappear after 24 hours.
  • Walmart conquers eCommerce. The retailer has reported a 79% increase in their third quarter eCommerce Sales, continuing a pattern we’ve seen this year with other online retailers. This is predicted to surge even higher as the holidays approach.
  • The streaming war wages on. YouTube’s battle to scoop up Spotify users for their own music platform continues. They have released 15 second ads targeting idle music and podcast listeners and have launched new advertiser options which can target different moods or music lineups.

Optimizing Your Brand for eCommerce

Strategies to aid your marketing

With the rise of e-commerce — especially this holiday season — discovering how to make your brand stand out online can be a daunting task. Here’s how to optimize your business and its related marketing elements (branding, website, social media) for the online shopping experience.

1. Start with the basics. The logo and slogan for your brand should be simple and memorable, yet distinct. Think about the core of your business and the tone you want to convey. Make sure you stay relevant to your industry and match your voice to the style of your products.

2. Find your niche. This is essential for your branding and marketing as a whole, but even more so when thinking digitally. Narrow your audience down as much as possible by things like age, income level, gender, occupation, area, education, hobbies, etc. This will help shape your strategy moving forward.

3. Highlight your worth. What are the advantages and benefits of your brand as compared to others? Although you may work in a broad industry, think about your specialties to find your niche. If you are not doing something differently to add extra appeal, try to find something easy to do to help stand out — it could be something as simple as a free shipping offer.

4. Analyze and revise. It’s difficult to look at past marketing mistakes and even harder to try things again. However, if you know where you went wrong, you can change up aspects of your strategy for improved results. Take a deep dive into past campaigns and know that no matter what you should always be evolving and updating your branding.

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The Scent of Success

Productivity tips & hacks

Recent studies show that certain smells can enhance our productivity. Researchers suggest that cinnamon improves focus, pine improves alertness, and coffee improves reasoning abilities. So break out the festive scented candles, plop one on your desk, and see how well you perform at work this holiday season.

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Check Your (Core Web) Vitals

Helpful videos & podcasts

Listen to learn about the PPC trends to watch for next year and the new page experience ranking signals for Google Search that will launch next year.

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