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Facebook Pays You to Talk | Using Contests to Create Leads | Stop Multi-Tasking

February 27, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • You talk, Facebook listens (and pays.) The social media platform is offering to pay people to record their voices in an effort to improve the voice recognition technology of their Portal smart display.
  • The FX of UX. Nearly 30% of anonymous survey respondents cited user experience as the strongest brand differentiator, particularly when it came to investing in new technologies.
  • Gatorade feat. GOATs. No, not those kinds of goats. Despite marketing spend pullback from PepsiCo, they’re continuing to funnel big money into a Gatorade ad campaign titled ‘GOAT Camp’ (as in Greatest of All Time), featuring major sports stars.
  • Google spills the ranking tea… finally. A Google patent may describe what happened during 2018’s Medic update, as well as other hints into their ranking algorithm.

You get a prize! And you get a prize! And you…!

Strategies to aid your marketing

Contests and giveaways are good for business. They generate followers/leads, promote your business, and create good ol’ FOMO. However, while it’s a quick way to grow your audience, you want to make sure that you’re growing your target audience and not just a bunch of people who want free stuff.

Set goals for the quarter. Build a campaign based on those goals.

Give away your own stuff. Your target audience will find value in the things you offer. Sure you can give away a laptop or an iPad, but that won’t generate a response from people interested in your very specific niche.

Decide how to get your audience involved. Pick an instant winner or ask them to get involved by tagging friends, posting pictures, etc.

Use contest tools. There are lots of tools to assist in the management of your contest. They’ll help you create engaging visuals, create quizzes, and even help you randomize the contest winner.

Include clear rules and guidelines. Be very specific about how your followers can get involved and win.

Promote, promote, promote. On your website, social media, email campaigns, blogs, ad campaigns, etc.

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Are You Multi-taxing?

Productivity tips & hacks

While multi-tasking may seem like the best way to get a load of things done, it actually minimizes your ability to focus on important tasks. And it taxes your brain (and body) to maintain the same amount of energy for each thing you’re balancing. The solution? Creating slots of time to see each task to its completion.

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The Truth in Content Marketing

Helpful videos & podcast

What are the misconceptions underlying content marketing? Robert Rose interviews the authors of a new book about the good, the bad, and the ugly of content marketing.

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