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Brand Mashups Take Over Superbowl | Making More Inclusive Content | Plan Life by the Decade

February 6, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Kool-Aid Man meets Baby Nut meets many, many more. This past Super Bowl featured more multi-brand ads than ever, with Kraft Heinz and Procter & Gamble Co leading the charge.
  • Refrigerator redux. Walgreens will test out a new effort to implement digital cooler doors which will feature display ads in their stores.
  • From online sale to snail mail. Targeted online ads are not only following potential buyers into their digital inbox, but into their actual mailbox as well.
  • Less search and more story. Amazon advertisers are realizing the ability for brand storytelling on the platform, and Amazon aims to cater to them with new efforts to drive customers to brand pages.

Diverse & Inclusive Content Marketing

Strategies to aid your marketing

Diversifying your marketing acknowledges that you understand your audience and you want them to feel included. Don’t assume that including one minority checks the diversity box. Be thoughtful and do your research.

But honestly, who cares? Actually, most people do. A study showed that over 60% of those who were surveyed were likely to buy from a company that focused on diversity, even when their specific demographic was not included.

Diversity is the ‘what’. Inclusion is the ‘how’. Diversity means that you’ve recognized the need for representation. Inclusion means you’re mindful of and employ efforts to help those people thrive.

How tho? Research. Diversify your own team. Edit your style guide to address topics based on diverse experiences. Optimize access and nav on your site to fit diverse needs.

Check out this Conscious Style Guide.

Take it down a couple notches. Don’t get so caught up in inclusivity that you ignore the value of an individual’s culture.

Be open. Your willingness to learn is an asset.

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Planning on a Decade Level

Productivity tips & hacks

It’s February. So chances are, all those well-made resolutions are long forgotten. Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you have “all year” to accomplish those goals. How ‘bout this: plan for the next decade. This isn’t your “5 year plan” in an elevator speech. No, this is carefully thought out goals and plans to mitigate setbacks and actually accomplish those pipe dreams.

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10 Experts Share Marketing Secrets

Helpful videos & podcast

Find out how to optimize three important areas of your on-site email forms for optimal conversions.

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