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Brands Shift Focus Amid Coronavirus | Addressing Work-from-Home Woes | Leading in a Time of Chaos

March 19, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Athletes shift to a different kind of field. To maintain their brands, professional athletes aim to tackle more digital influencer campaigns while their leagues are on hiatus.
  • It’s Game Over for E3. The game industry is still suffering from the cancellation of their biggest annual expo, but industry professionals hope to make up for it with social and influencer marketing.
  • B2B’s trading in trade show budgets. With almost all upcoming trade shows postponed or cancelled, B2B companies shift focus to marketing online.
  • In-Game advertising coming to a console near you. Following Netflix and Spotify, video game companies take steps to add personalized recommendations to push their relevant releases to gamers.

Creating content vs. creating leads (there’s a difference)

Strategies to aid your marketing

What was once considered a waste of time, content marketing has become a primary focus for eCommerce promotion. And as website ranking algorithms continue to evolve, content marketing is becoming more important than ever before.

But wait, there’s more to it! Content without a promotion strategy is just… content. Here are 4 areas to focus on when promoting content for your website.

1. Content must drive leads and map to business metrics. It’s great when quality content leads to website traffic, but what’s more important is return on investment and generating potential leads.

2. Content must be promoted. Promote your content through other means than search engines such as with email marketing or social media (both organic and paid).

3. Content must work across the marketing funnel. A quality piece of content can be utilized in multiple ways to cover your entire spectrum of potential clients. This spans those who are just casually researching to those actively searching for a product/service.

4. Content must drive SEO. With contextual relevance and the ability to attract meaningful links, content can improve SEO rankings fairly organically. This leads to an increase in traffic to your conversion pages to generate leads.

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Make working from home work for you

Productivity tips & hacks

With many of us facing our first bout of working remotely, it’s tough to determine how to stay productive. Keep your sanity by scheduling ‘watercooler moments’, trying out new environments, and using your regularly scheduled commute time to engage in some self-care.

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Safe ideas for scary times: Entrepreneurship amidst chaos

Helpful videos & podcast

Jay Abraham, Dean Jackson, and Joe Polish share perspectives for leading a business in the midst of worldwide chaos, uncertainty, and fear

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