Who are they:

  • Audience response system developer
  • Polling and audience interaction systems
  • Advertising on Google since 2008

What they needed:

  • Triple conversion volume
  • Triple the volume of relevant clicks
  • Lower cost per conversion

What we did:

  • Rebuilt keywords into a streamlined account structure
  • Continuously tested new keywords, adding the best-performers to the core campaigns
  • Expanded campaigns into other countries around the world

What we accomplished:

  • Conversions increased 1,800%
  • Cost per conversion decreased 80%
  • Conversion rate increased 400%
  • Clicks increased 300%

Poll Everywhere revolutionized how audiences interact with presenters by inventing the first audience response tool for mobile devices. From kindergarten classrooms to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500, Poll Everywhere’s audience response systems are used around the world in thousands of settings. They allow presenters to interact more with their audiences, gather more information more quickly, and make presentations more fun!

Growth isn’t good enough – we need an explosion!

Since 2008, Poll Everywhere had been using search advertising as part of their overall growth strategy, but the results were not what they needed to push forward. With a goal of 200% growth and a strict cost per conversion target, they knew PPC was key to hitting their business’ strategic goals. They had sales volume, but they had hit a plateau, and they knew that they needed more expertise to propel them to the next level. That is when they came to Conversion GIANT to really scale up their campaigns aggressively.

The strategy

At Conversion GIANT, there are many strategies that we devise and implement to help our clients grow. Each is custom-tailored to the specific needs of our client. For Poll Everywhere, it was clear that their ambitious growth expectations could not be met with the present account structure. The first step was to give them the proper framework they needed in order to hit their targets.

Our team identified distinct phases that would be crucial to growing conversion and click volume. First, we put in place a new campaign structure that was conducive to scaling up quickly while keeping the CPA in line with their target.