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Chrome Kills 3rd Party Cookies in 2 YEARS! | Privacy Updates Galore | Optimizing Your Life

January 16, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Chrome the cookie-killer. The Google Chrome team is pushing to make it harder for publishers and advertisers to harvest your personal data and track your online activity. Within two years, they plan to end support for third-party cookies.
  • Verizon expands its horizons. The media company is launching OneSearch, a new privacy-focused search engine that also aims to discourage data harvesting.
  • Walmart hops on the adwagon. To compete with Amazon, Walmart has launched a self-serve ad platform where advertisers can log into a portal to buy on-site search and sponsored product ads.
  • Apple’s got your back. In the latest iOS update, Apple started making users more aware of when their background location data was being shared. As a result, the location-based ad market is struggling.

Oh Sheet!: Google Sheets for SEO

Strategies to aid your marketing

1) Understand your site’s performance – By transferring key information from Search Console to Google Sheets (terms you rank for, how much traffic each page receives, where in the world the searches are coming from, what kind of devices are used to look at your site, search visuals, and timeframe of the search) you’ll have a clearer picture of how well your site is doing.

2) Use Impressions to improve – Sort data in Google Sheets based on Impressions. Focus on pages that are doing the best and optimize them by improving metadata, increasing keyword density, and building links to those specific pages.

3) Compare performance from different time periods – Sheets takes it a step further than Console by allowing you to home in on the queries that improved or declined after your optimizations.

4) Nix competing keywords within your site – Use the spreadsheet you used for queries and identify whether or not higher ranking pages are competing with lower ranking pages for a word not relevant to the latter.

5) Identify issues across devices – Export the Queries information from different devices. Optimize each device view based on performance.

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Optimizing Life in 2020

Productivity tips & hacks

Stop making resolutions you’re never going to keep. Before setting another impossible goal, do this: check your motive (why do you want to do this?), let your purpose and values guide the changes you should make, and consider the process (create a doable plan that fits into the life you’re already living).

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10 Experts Share Marketing Secrets

Helpful videos & podcast

Jenna Kutcher hosts ten top marketing experts on her podcast as they share essential strategies marketers need to implement in 2020, including the importance of sharing video, exercising authenticity in your messaging, and securing more subscriptions.
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