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Coronavirus & Ukulele Sales | Marketing in Troubled Times | Lessons from Animal Crossing

April 2, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Google aids with google ads. Google has announced they will provide $340 million in Google Ads credits to help small businesses stay to touch with their customers.
  • Digital ads to the rescue. Events have been cancelled and the roads are empty making billboards obsolete. Brands now turn to digital advertising to make up for lost costs.
  • Coronavirus boosts ukulele sales. This is not a drill. Glimpse has discovered interesting trends in topics impacted by the coronavirus. Users are searching for ukuleles and living wills more; alarm clocks and balloons less.
  • Keep advertising, but do it right. Only 8% of consumers think brands should cease advertising during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, they do care about their tone and messaging.

How to market in troubled times

Strategies to aid your marketing

As economists predict we may soon be facing a recession, it is more important than ever to adapt to the current climate and navigate your business through adversity. Brands must convey trust and value through their marketing strategies to build a loyal base of customers. Time is a major factor, the sooner these changes are implemented, the better.

Here are four marketing actions for navigating your business in troubled times:

1) Don’t confuse price and value. Having a good value isn’t the same as offering a low price. Value is based on a consumer’s trust. This is what factors most in how they will perceive the price.

2) Avoid excessive deal marketing. Discounts and deals can be great, but overdoing them will not lead to brand loyalty. The perception of a brand may be weakened when a consumer sees everything offered is on sale.

3) Maintain or increase product/service quality. Keeping the quality of your products up to par is essential during times like these, since consumers are especially aware of their current finances and the value of a dollar.

4) Love the customers you have. Brand loyalty should always be your first priority, which means you should never ignore the customers you have by focusing solely on bringing new customers in.

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Body language for video calls

Productivity tips & hacks

Since so much of communication relies on body language, those working from home may be struggling with how to replace in-person contact with the often awkward nature of video chatting. Make sure to keep the height of your camera a bit higher than usual. This will not only help you to appear more confident, your coworkers won’t be looking up your nose!
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Lessons from Animal Crossing

Helpful videos & podcast

Nintendo’s staple video game Animal Crossing is doing numbers during the coronavirus pandemic. Daniel Litwin brainstorms some takeaways for companies and brands.

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