Conversion Giant’s Remarketing Services can do a lot for your current digital advertising program. Statistically, over 94% of people who go to the average ecommerce website do not buy on the first visit. Many won’t buy at all without a solid remarketing campaign. If a large percentage of your sales happen after Day 0, then you stand to benefit greatly from running remarketing ads.

There are several types of remarketing services. Read Below to see which one is right for you.

Dynamic Product Remarketing

Dynamic Product Remarketing is a great way to showcase all the products that your visitors viewed when they were on your website. Usually we run a carousel ad to show multiple products on Google or Facebook. We can also run static image ads or video ads, but dynamic ads work the best for most advertisers.

Facebook Retargeting

The most popular Facebook service we run here at Conversion Giant is Retargeting. Retargeting on Facebook allows for advertisers to run a large variety of ads. Depending on the goals for Retargeting, Conversion Giant can setup image ads, video ads, or even dynamic product ads to show people the products they viewed on your website previously.

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