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DIY Ads on Hulu | Facebook & Instagram Study In-App Bias | What Makes Content Go Viral in 2020?

July 23, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Hulu says “do it yourself!” Hulu is testing an ad manager which would allow small businesses to air 15-30 second commercials on the platform. Relatively inexpensive, it will work like Google or Facebook ads for targeting specific demographics.
  • Bezos, Big Spender. Although Jeff Bezos was once known for his hatred of ads, his company Amazon has now become the top ad spender in the entire country spending almost 7 billion on marketing last year alone.
  • Facebook faces flawed algorithms. In the wake of recent controversy, Facebook and Instagram have made plans to create a specific team who will analyze and address how the platform’s algorithms have negatively affected minority users.
  • Reworking response ads. Google is adding new features to response ads including location insertions, copyright suggestions, customer countdowns, and more. They are organizing copy into individual assets which can be quickly tested and implemented to improve campaign performance.

3 Ways to Recover Your Digital Marketing

Strategies to aid your marketing

With the new normal for businesses shifting dramatically, many owners and managers may be wondering what they should focus on when it comes to getting their marketing back on track.

Advertising is still as essential as ever, so focusing on what’s most important will help in reshaping your strategy. Here are three areas you should be prioritizing when recovering your digital marketing.

Quality backlinks. You can boost your SEO and increase the visibility and traffic of your website by hosting backlinks on other websites which redirect back to your own. Cross promotion of blog content and press releases can get you started to utilizing backlinks to improve your search results.

Fix broken links. If your website has broken links which redirect to nowhere or expired landing pages, it will not only hurt your SEO, but also the user experience of your visitors.

Relevant email content. If you have an email list of subscribers you periodically send content to, you need to make sure they are attention grabbing and will stand out amidst a crowded inbox. Show empathy to your customers with a message conveying safe shopping methods and any relevant changes (or lack thereof) to your usual business operations.

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Managing a Distributed Work Environment

Productivity tips & hacks

Although there have been incredible developments over the last decade in terms of managing teams who work remotely, this has become the new standard for many businesses for the foreseeable future. Mapping out a workflow chart for projects and keeping communication simple yet informative can make all the difference between a rocky remote work environment and a well-oiled machine.

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What Makes Content Go Viral in 2020?

Helpful videos & podcast

What makes an article go viral in 2020? Erin MacPherson, Director of Content Development at DigitalMarketer, gives her take on how she’s training her team to be better writers, what viral articles all have in common, and her leadership advice for new content directors, editors, and managers.

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Ellie is a PR & SEO Outreach Coordinator for Conversion Giant with three years of experience in digital marketing, social media management, and client relations. A former journalist, she is committed to delivering content with integrity and transparency.

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