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Etsy Dominates Online Sales | Gaming’s Explosive Growth | Don’t Gender Your Audience

December 11, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Game recognizes game. Gaming content viewership doubled this year with fans watching over 100 billion hours on YouTube alone. This opens up the medium to even more advertising opportunities and brand collaborations.
  • Handmade success. Between the surge of eCommerce sales and the unprecedented demand for custom face coverings, Etsy has become Wall Street’s latest darling with their shares up 250% this year.
  • What’s new with WhatsApp. In Facebook’s latest step to implement more eCommerce options to their subsidiary platforms, they have announced plans to add a new shopping feature to WhatsApp to motivate their 2 billion users to buy items on the platform.
  • TikTok gets real. As TikTok continues to pioneer new methods of media consumption, audiences engaging with the content isn’t just a feature, it’s the standard. This real-time interactivity has shown to be a promising frontier for both education and eCommerce.

Why You Shouldn’t Gender Your Audience

Strategies to aid your marketing

We are living in a generation where gender norms and identities are shifting and being redefined. Previously held mentalities and biases are being challenged as over 12% of millennials now identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. It may present a challenging learning process for some, but by embracing the understanding that gender is a spectrum, business leaders and brands alike will be presented with a huge opportunity to lead.

So, how can shedding biases and embracing shifting gender norms help your business?

1. Appeal to a wider audience. Especially when marketing to younger audiences, it’s important not to gender your products. Not only will it limit the size and scope of your demographic, but most youth don’t see gender in binary terms anymore. Although parents may gravitate to certain branding when buying for their children, many also seek out products that don’t reinforce stereotypical gender characteristics

2. Achieve more accurate data. This also applies for when you’re doing research to improve your products or company culture. Stay away from gendered questions as they can result in inaccurate and misleading data.

3. Improve customer service. It’s an easy rule to remember: don’t assume anyone’s gender. However, it can be challenging to enforce this practice and slip-ups will undoubtedly occur at first. By training your customer service team, sales personnel, and any others who communicate with clients/vendors to ask before gendering someone, your business will slowly start adapting to this new era where the reimagining of gender identity is well underway.

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Tips for Planning a Virtual Holiday Party

Productivity tips & hacks

Being physically together for the holidays may be implausible this year, but you can still host a virtual party thanks to video conference platforms. Start by sending paperless invitations with instructions on how to download relevant software and meeting log ins. Consider doing a Secret Santa by making sure guests send out their gifts in advance. You can even coordinate a takeout menu so everyone is eating the same thing.

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3 Reasons Businesses Fail with Digital Marketing

Helpful videos & podcasts

Are you a small business owner struggling to get measurable positive results with your digital marketing and social marketing programs? If yes, you are not alone. Learn how lack of planning, lack of patience, and not aligning efforts to the needs of your target audience can cause your digital marketing strategy to fail and what you can do to stop it.

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