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Facebook Boycott Aftermath | iOS 14 Breaks Advertiser Hearts | Bernie on Microsoft Teams

January 22, 2021

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Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • FB boycott impact. Following the Facebook boycott last year, we are now seeing a clearer picture on how brands were affected by pulling ads from the platform. It looks as though few companies experienced any negative repercussions leading some to believe marketing on Facebook may not be as important as previously thought.
  • From digital to development. The chief of e-commerce at Walmart is leaving his position upon growing their platform to be second place after Amazon in online shopping. He plans to take on a decades-long project to build what he calls “a city of the future.”
  • Petco barks up the right tree. With both the surge in online sales and pet adoptions amidst the pandemic, Petco has gone public to start trading on Wall Street and capitalize on their unique position.
  • What’s up with WhatsApp. The European Union is in the middle of a deep investigation of the data-sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp to pressure the platforms to be more transparent, protect user privacy, and adhere to regulations.

Preparing Your FB Ads for the iOS 14 Update

Strategies to aid your marketing

While it might seem like a normal update to most, the rollout of Apple’s iOS 14 is causing major anxiety for advertisers. The latest iteration of the OS will inform users what data will be collected every time they download a new app. They can then opt out of allowing the app to track them, which surely almost all users will do.

A very public dispute between Apple and Facebook has broken out concerning how the update will make ad targeting much more difficult. Facebook relies heavily on data they collect and this update is poised to disrupt nearly every aspect of their advertising capabilities.
Here are some steps you can take to prepare for this update.

Change your settings. With the loss of 28-day attribution, you should update any rules that apply to it so as to not impact your ad spend or results.

Verify your domain. You don’t want there to be any interruption with your data pixel, so verify your domain with Facebook to ensure this is as seamless as possible.

Keep vigilant. Since this update will only affect apple users and we still don’t know how many will opt-out of sharing their data, you will need to keep a close eye on your results to learn the real impact and adjust as more devices adopt iOS14.

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Tips to Improve Your Twitter Posts

Productivity tips & hacks

Although having less reach than other platforms, Twitter can provide an effective way for marketing your brand if you can get it right. When composing tweets, you should abide by the “3 R’s” method to better your chances of clicks and engagement. Make sure your tweet aligns with your audience’s interest to make it relevant. Offer an opportunity for the audience to engage with your tweet so it has resonance. Lastly, keep your posting consistent with fresh content to maintain recency.

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Identity Verification Rolls out in Google Ads

Helpful videos & podcasts

The Marketing O’Clock team talks about identity verification for Google Ads, what data publishers see with Google News reporting on Google Search Console, and more!
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Source: @doe_anderson

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