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FB Ads Bounce Back After Boycotts | Remote Work Skyrockets Productivity | Staying Relevant in a Crisis

August 6, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Game on for sports marketing. With the return of live sporting events but without crowded stadiums, brands are gearing up for a major social media push as this is where fans will go to interact with each other during games.
  • Instagram or Info-Gram? Instagram has transformed into much more than a photo sharing platform, as infographics and and topical art are surging in popularity making the platform a modern day hub for information and social advocacy.
  • Productivity surges from remote workers. After months of many people working from home, studies have now shown an 82% boost in productivity from remote employees. This has led to many companies considering making the change permanent.
  • Facebook remains undeterred. While the Facebook ad boycott created some temporary waves, the platform’s revenue continues to thrive and many brands are now split as to whether or not they will return to advertising on the platform.

Remain Current While Looking Ahead

People are turning to social media now more than ever for interaction and a sense of community. This presents an opportunity for brands looking to advertise their products and services who may have lost their usual avenues to do so. Finding a balance between the current state of the world and the eventual life after lockdown is pivotal when mapping out your social media strategy.

Cater your messaging. As the pandemic began, most people scrambled to load up on provisions and essentials which may be difficult to get as time went on. Now things have calmed down significantly and consumers have started to seek support from brands. Timely and relevant messaging which appeals to your customers in lockdown in key, but your content should also convey a message of hope as you look to the future when this tenuous time is behind us.

Embrace digital sales. Ecommerce stores are in a unique position as many people are making online purchases now more than ever and in some cases, for the very first time. Mobile usage continues to surge, so use the social media advertising tools provided from the given platform to create the best mobile ads possible and drive traffic to your online store.

Adjust your offers. Promotions and discounts are more important now than ever before due to the state of the economy and current unemployment rate. Most consumers are looking exclusively for products on sale or part of a promotion. Adjusting your prices to display small discounts in your social media ads may make a significant difference.

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The Problem with “Pre-crastination”

Productivity tips & hacks

Everyone struggles with procrastination from time to time, but many also fall into the trap of “precrastination.” In an effort to be productive and check things off a to-do list, tasks which should require more time and focus are rushed through quickly. On the other hand, menial tasks which could otherwise be skipped or require minimal effort are put at the top of the list in order to be checked off quickly. Make sure to prioritize to-do lists by importance and time lines rather than how simple they would be to complete.

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Keeping Your Brand Relevant in a Crisis

Helpful videos & podcast

How do we make sure to keep personal touches in a socially distanced world? Dan Frohnen, CMO at Sendoso, discusses the power of sending, the COVID-19-suitable marketing mix, and how to get something on someone’s desk when they’re at home.

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Ellie is a PR & SEO Outreach Coordinator for Conversion Giant with three years of experience in digital marketing, social media management, and client relations. A former journalist, she is committed to delivering content with integrity and transparency.

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