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Google Quashes Unethical Real Estate Ads | How Fortnite Changed Marketing | Rise of Virtual Influencers

June 24, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Advertising market to recover by 2021. After a turbulent first half of the year, marketing and media industries are predicted to slowly improve over the next six months and eventually recover in 2021. However, digital advertising is still growing more than ever.
  • Google limits listings. In their continuing effort to crack down on unethical advertising, Google will now stop advertising real estate listings based on age, gender, and zip code to maintain equal housing opportunities.
  • Virtual reality meets brand identity. Nielsen Global Connect has unveiled new tools to help brands test their strategies before launching with the use of 3D Imaging and virtual reality.
  • Bounce back with Unbounce. Unbounce has raised over 30 million dollars to use automation to create unique landing pages for small to midsize businesses aimed at reaching potential customers who have previously engaged with their marketing campaigns.

How Fortnite is Changing Marketing Channels

Strategies to aid your marketing

Unconventional marketing channels have become a new normal in the industry, as exemplified by the video game Fortnite. Disney, Nike, Quibi and even political strategists have used or have considered using the game’s virtual events to market their brands. Even though this game appeals to a specific demographic which may not be relevant to your business, it showcases how out-of-the-box thinking and innovative strategies can lead to exciting results.

Finding the right channel. Not every channel will work for every brand. For example, brands looking to advertise to a younger demographic have found a lot of success using Tik Tok. For a middle aged audience, Facebook has become the social media channel of choice.

Facebook and Google are both established channels with a good track record of results. Using an established channel such as those is safer and more reliable than opting for a newer channel. However, if a newer channel has only just begun to offer advertising capabilities, your ads may appear more organic and cultivate better engagement with their niche audience.

Testing the channel. Collecting and interpreting the data can be tedious, but it’s necessary to track the success of your campaigns to see if you’re received a return on your investment. The easiest way to do this is by looking at the CTR (click-through rate) and comparing it to other channels you have used.

Beyond this, you should also look at the difference of audience behavior once they have clicked to visit your landing page. How far down the landing page did they scroll? How long did they spend on your website? Were they likely to visit other pages other than the landing page?

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How to Virtually Improve Team Building

Productivity tips & hacks

With so many meetings now happening over video chat, it’s become a modern staple of most office environments. The trouble is, how do you keep your team engaged and motivated when most, if not all, communication is virtual? Being clear about the exact nature of every meeting and creating a narrative around this purpose can be a stimulating start to any virtual event. Adding an element of gameplay and encouraging participation can help cultivate a motivational and inclusive environment for your team.

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The Rise of Virtual Influencers

Helpful videos & podcast

Are you familiar with Lil Miquela, the girlbot turned influencer? It turns out these hyper-realistic virtual influencers may just be the future of brand marketing. In this podcast from The Drum, Diane Young reads an article about how virtual influencers could become the next big thing.

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