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Google Ranking Glitch Wreaks Havoc | Mindset Marketing | Pause to Improve Productivity

August 13, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Outrage over Google ranking glitch. The SEO community was in a full panic this week when they noticed a major shift in Google rankings. This has been said to be a glitch which has since been resolved, but many were left shaken and are now wary of future updates.
  • Online retailers face holiday hiccups. As eCommerce continues to surge due to the pandemic, many worry the increase in demand will lead to higher prices and bottlenecking come the holiday season.
  • Get carded by Google. Google is testing a new feature overseas which will allow users to add personal cards to display in the search results if they are googled. “People Cards” can display professions, social media links, and even a brief bio.
  • Capture leads from video viewers. Google is adding lead form extensions to YouTube and Discovery campaigns allowing advertisers to capture leads without viewers needing to leave the screen they are on.

The 3 Branches of Mindset Marketing

A customer’s mindset can be most easily defined by the desires, concerns, and questions they have as they search for products and services. Figuring out these three aspects can help you market effectively to your target audience and increase conversions. Ignoring them can be the main cause of a potential buyer clicking away.

Address their desires. This is the simplest of the three aspects of mindset marketing and the easiest to address. Customers set out with a specific goal in mind: to find the product or service which best meets their needs. Make sure you market as specifically as possible to best reach the buyer and put the most relevant offers in the forefront of your advertising.

Address their concerns. Every industry has something buyers are often concerned about. Are the products high quality? Is the company I’m buying from trustworthy and dependable? Am I getting the best price? You can immediately alleviate these concerns and set the customer’s mind at ease by addressing their fears.

Address their questions. Every customer is unique and therefore the same target audience may be asking vastly different questions about the same product or service. Put yourself in your customers shoes and think about what questions you would have before buying. Ask others around you to poll for more questions they would have and begin experimenting with copy which provides the answers. See which copy performs the best and double down on it.

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Push Pause to Promote Productivity

Productivity tips & hacks

With the pressures of remote working, it can be difficult to let go of personal devices take the time to pause and reflect. However, this is a fundamental ingredient to remain productive throughout the day. Quiet moments of reflection untethered from technology can give you the opportunity to prioritize on what matters most, put obstacles into perspective, and make plans to solve problems or tackle new projects.

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Brand Bewitchery: Elements of Storytelling

Helpful videos & podcast

Park Howell, “industrious storyteller” and author of Brand Bewitchery joins the MoC team to discuss the three frameworks of storytelling featured in his book. These include the “And, But, Therefore” setup, the 5 Primal Elements (timestamp, location stamp, central character, action/surprise, the ah-ha moment), and the 10-Step Story Cycle System.

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Ellie is a PR & SEO Outreach Coordinator for Conversion Giant with three years of experience in digital marketing, social media management, and client relations. A former journalist, she is committed to delivering content with integrity and transparency.

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