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Halloween Ad Spend Shifts | Facebook Focuses on Mental Health | Prepping for Prime Day

October 9, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Get to work on Google Workspace. Google is rebranding their G Suite tools as “Google Workspace”, which (along with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more) will now include new integrations such as collaborative chat rooms and new video call applications.
  • Sugar stats. In a major shift from last Halloween, ad spend on candy products has decreased while ad spend for other Halloween products has surged. This is likely due to trick-or-treating anxieties during the pandemic and people still hoping to celebrate the holiday.
  • Social media steps up. With new mental health challenges on the rise during the pandemic, Facebook has announced a new emotional health resource center to make it easier for users to connect with mental health professionals to get the help they need.
  • TikTokers move in. Many TikTok influencers have fled to LA in pursuits of being famous and are living in “collab houses” together run by managers. This strategy for content creation has shown to be brimming with feuds, corruption, and loose pandemic restrictions.

The Unsung Heroes of Social Media Marketing

Strategies to aid your marketing

When you think about social media marketing, the platforms that most likely to come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and (more recently) TikTok. However, other popular social platforms provide opportunities for brand marketing in less obvious ways. Here are some underused platforms which can help you spread brand awareness and market your company.

1. Reddit. While Reddit may not have billions of daily users, the users they do have show a significant amount of engagement. There are highly established communities, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding your relevant audience. You can organically join and engage in conversation with these communities or pay for ads to be displayed in the space.

2. Twitch. As a mostly live-streaming platform, Twitch influencers have a captive audience watching them every time they create content in real time. These influencers showcase gaming, entertainment, music, sports, and other niche interests, making it easy to find the right influencer with an audience in line with your target demographic. Consider a brand sponsorship with a Twitch streamer as most of them are easily approachable and eager to make a deal.

3. Quora. Less community-based than Reddit, Quora mostly provides opportunities for B2B marketing. With its question/answer structure, you can search the platform for relevant topics of discussion for your brand and create organic answers promoting your products or services.

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Shopping Tips for Amazon Prime Day

Productivity tips & hacks

October 13th marks the annual Amazon Prime Day, which has boasted more discounts and savings than ever before. To set yourself up for success, make sure you have an active subscription to Amazon Prime and that you have the Amazon app downloaded on your smartphone. Enable 1-Click purchases in the settings, as the discounts can be over in moments if enough people take advantage of them. Make sure to watch the upcoming deals if there is something you really want so you can act quickly.

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The Future of E-commerce

Helpful videos & podcasts

Join the CEO of WalMart as he discusses how he made his career through online business, where retailers should make adjustments, and what the future of e-commerce may look like in fifteen to twenty years.

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