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Issue #25: George Floyd & Other Things

June 5, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Tech execs respond with donations. Following the death of George Floyd, several tech companies and executives have announced over 20 million dollars in donations to groups and organizations focusing on racial injustice and reform.
  • Relink leads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has announced new retargeting tools to help advertisers connect with audiences who have previously viewed their video ads or engaged with lead generation forms.
  • PlayStation pushes pause on PS5 promotion. With protests ongoing, Sony has decided to postpone their event to promote the PS5 so more important voices can be heard right now.
  • YouTube tackles TV rebrand. With many watching on their smart TVs, YouTube hoped to charge extra to advertise on this display, but hesitant advertisers still see them as a desktop and mobile platform.

3 Tips for Marketing with Empathy

Strategies to aid your marketing

In the current climate, marketing with empathy isn’t just encouraged for brands, it’s become expected. Customers now more than ever are patronizing businesses who take on a purposeful tone and show they care about their respective communities.

The most important aspect of marketing with empathy is giving the audience something of value and not just useless information. For example, creating content such as a DIY tutorial video showcasing how to use your product is helpful to the viewer and therefore has value. Showing how your business is making the world a better place through actions or donations has value since it benefits communities. Both of these examples spread brand awareness and engage with the audience far more than a standard information dump.

Here are 3 steps to improve your marketing by using empathy.

1. Tap into emotions. Most products and services provide a solution to a problem. Understanding the emotions behind this problem is the key to empathizing with your customers and knowing their behaviors.

2. Listen to your customers.
If you are doing something wrong, there is a good chance your customers will tell you exactly what it is. If you see a pattern in lost sales, try to figure out what went wrong by engaging with your customers.

3. Respect differences. When marketing with empathy, it’s important to acknowledge no two people are alike. Research the demographics of your usual customers to help you to create different content which is meaningful and relevant.

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Inspire Creativity in Your Team

Productivity tips & hacks

Creative ideas and innovations are essential to any business hoping to adapt, sustain growth, and succeed. You may not expect some members of your team to contribute ideas like this, but you would be surprised. By running regular brainstorming sessions, you can not only build morale and unity among your team, you can also inspire them to pitch their best ideas. Leading with passion and empathy, providing positive feedback, and giving generous credit will help cultivate a creative working environment which leads to a thriving business.

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Marketing in Uncertain Times with LinkedIn

Helpful videos & podcast

Jacqueline and Minna have a workshop-style strategy hour on creative ways to use Instagram Stories to boost your brand. Some ideas include hosting tutorials, “day in the life” highlights, and customer acquaintance efforts (i.e. using polls, Q&A features, etc. to get to know your customers better.)

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Ellie is a PR & SEO Outreach Coordinator for Conversion Giant with three years of experience in digital marketing, social media management, and client relations. A former journalist, she is committed to delivering content with integrity and transparency.

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