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KFC: A Lifetime Original Movie | Advocacy & Brand Reputation | Google’s December Core Update

December 18, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Fowl play on Lifetime. In one of the most bizarre marketing campaigns in recent memory, KFC partnered with Lifetime to create a satirical mini-movie promoting the restaurant chain. The romantic thriller starred Mario Lopez as a lovestruck Col. Sanders perfecting his original recipe.
  • Apple promotes privacy. Apple may fundamentally shift the nature of digital advertising by prominently displaying a privacy option — which was once buried deep in the user settings — on devices. This will limit the ability for advertisers to target ads.
  • Shop together, separated. In a time where people have been separated from their community, Verishop has announced a new group shopping feature on its platform which will allow consumers to video chat with others while shopping.
  • Podcast product plugs. A new study shows listeners are more likely to purchase a product from an ad they hear in a podcast than on other platforms, but are frustrated with the increased volume of plugs.

Looking Back: Brands Call For Racial Justice

Strategies to aid your marketing

Six months ago, we saw an outpouring of calls for racial justice and many brands chose to voice their support for Black Lives Matter. Now that it’s half a year later, we can step back and see how this support affected the public image of companies that stepped up.

Gartner, a global research firm, found an overall benefit for marketers who backed socio-political movements like BLM. Although the messaging was viewed as polarizing to some, the overall trends have shown support for BLM is growing while the opposition has begun shrinking. Here are two case studies they featured.

Nike released a commercial that changed its famous tagline from “Just Do It” to “For Once, Don’t Do It.” This was referencing the dangers of ignoring racial injustice. This ad received a positive response from viewers across almost all of their key demographic groups.
With this, Nike affirmed the benefits of brands taking a position and advancing the conversation.

Ben and Jerry’s also tackled racial injustice this year, but their tactic was a little different than Nike’s. They opted to dive deeper into specifics with their messaging, even releasing an outline to a four-point plan for dismantling white supremacy. Although this wasn’t met with as warm a response as Nike, their messaging still received generally positive feedback and helped the brand’s public reputation.

If 2020 is any indication, it is likely we will see more brands taking up social causes in the years to come. We will see if this messaging continues to be favorable to the companies who partake in it and if social progress benefits from it as well.

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Managing Stress During the Holidays

Productivity tips & hacks

The holidays are stressful as it is, but even more so in a pandemic year. Identify your triggers so you can begin coping as quickly as possible. Be sure to give yourself a break to recharge, but try to avoid any unhealthy stress relievers as they can often make the situation worse. Most importantly, embrace the things you love about the holiday season by celebrating with others, virtually.

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The Scoop on Google’s New Core Update

Helpful videos & podcasts

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, hosts break down the December 2020 Core algorithm update, YouTube Premier’s new features, Chrome blocking heavy ads, and more!

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