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Lego Stops Marketing Police Sets | Safely Reopening Offices | How Brands Can Support BLM

June 12, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Live events face long-term fall. A new study shows the majority of marketers believe in-person events will be forever impacted by the pandemic and virtual events will continue to grow in popularity well into the future.
  • Lego pauses police set marketing. In response to the death of George Floyd, Lego has stopped marketing many of its sets which feature police officers. They have also pledged to donate 4 million dollars to educate children about racial equality.
  • Monetization mandates on YouTube. YouTube is attempting to make their monetization policies as clear as possible, and showcase which videos can be advertised on and which are too inappropriate, hateful, or otherwise contrary to their content guidelines.
  • Crisis communication takes priority. With the future of healthcare marketing uncertain, priorities have begun to shift away from content and email marketing and toward crisis communication.

Adjusting Your Advertising After Lockdown

Strategies to aid your marketing

With lockdown orders slowly being lifted, the world may seem to be going back to normal. However, the landscape of marketing will likely be forever changed after the pandemic and it’s important for businesses to take note. How do you adapt your strategy to the post-coronavirus era? Here are three things to keep in mind.

1. Keep advertising. During the 1980’s recession, many brands stopped all of their advertising and waited for the economy to improve. However, brands who continued advertising came out 256% ahead.

2. The field is more open than ever. Bigger businesses are slowly dipping their toes back into the water to see how things will play in this new time before committing to a specific strategy. This opens an opportunity where smaller companies can take advantage of the empty landscape and get their message out there.

3. You can establish your brand’s reputation. Only 8% of consumers wanted brands to stop advertising amid the pandemic, the rest took no issue. Staying consistent with your marketing and really pushing your brand’s voice can make a lasting mark on your audience and cultivate a loyal customer base.

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How to Safely Reopen Your Office

Productivity tips & hacks

After months of quarantine, businesses around the country are beginning to open their doors and welcome back employees. However, in order to ensure the safety of your team, there are a few things you should do before reopening. First, you should prepare the workspace by thoroughly cleaning the area, including ventilation systems and air ducts. You should provide masks and hand sanitizer, keep in-person meetings to a minimum, and clearly communicate the need to maintain social distancing. You may also want to consider alternating shifts and offering counseling to any employee who may be struggling during this difficult transition.

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How Brands Can Address #BlackLivesMatter

Helpful videos & podcast

Influencer Kamie Crawford discusses how brands can support the Black community and BLM movement on social media. She mentions the importance of expressing your allyship across your entire page (not just in your story or your feed, but both!) and re-posting the content of Black creators and activists (as well as ensuring you give credit.

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Ellie is a PR & SEO Outreach Coordinator for Conversion Giant with three years of experience in digital marketing, social media management, and client relations. A former journalist, she is committed to delivering content with integrity and transparency.

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