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Major Algorithm Update | Using Video for COVID-19 Marketing | Reducing WFH Screen Time

May 22, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Shopping on social. Mark Zuckerberg has announced Facebook Shops, a new way for e-commerce businesses to easily showcase and market their products on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Google’s May update may upend your site. With the rollout of the new Google algorithm update complete, businesses should take the time to review if there was an effect to their May analytics.
  • Walmart drops Jet as sales soar. Walmart reports a huge surge in e-commerce sales and shuts down, an acquisition which previously handled their online strategy, as they no longer feel they need it.
  • Backlash from Google suspensions. In an effort to combat false information concerning COVID-19, Google has begun suspending apps featuring information on the virus. In the case of one podcast app, Google has admitted fault in suspending them.

Video Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Strategies to aid your marketing

It’s no secret digital marketing is a necessity for businesses right now due to the ongoing pandemic. Video marketing in particular presents a unique opportunity for brands hoping to increase audience engagement with their content.

A new study shows that, by 2022, 82% of all created content will be video. It also estimated that, by the end of this year, the average person will consume over an hour and a half of video every day.

Here are four tips for creating effective video content amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Determine a clear goal. In creating branded content, it’s always important to look ahead and know what you want your end goal to be. By establishing this first, you can keep it in mind throughout the process so every facet works in tangent.

Make it purposeful. Many businesses have adapted their messaging to be COVID-19 centric and inspire a message of hope and community. For the most part, however, their video content has been incredibly similar. Brainstorm ways to stand out from the pack with a different take specific to your brand.

Be authentic. Video content goes viral more than any other type of media. Ask yourself what it is about your video that would make people want to watch and share it with others. Be true to your brand and use your unique voice to engage with your audience.

Focus on mobile. Make sure your video is mobile friendly since this is the primary method people use to view and share media online.
By defining a clear goal with an authentic message and focusing on mobile optimization, brands can utilize video marketing in 2020 to increase awareness and make their business’ voice heard.

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Reducing Work-from-Home Screen Time

Productivity tips & hacks

Although you may not have noticed the difference, it is likely you are looking at your computer screen far more than you did before you started working from home. There are some great ways to limit your screen time including using white boards for brainstorming, making sure you are moving throughout the day, and scheduling tech-free breaks. For small meetings of only one or two people, a phone call would likely work just as well as a Zoom meeting.

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Optimizing Small Budget Facebook Ads

Helpful videos & podcast

Phil Graham talks how to optimize and leverage low-budget Facebook ads during COVID-19 with advice aimed at small businesses trying to navigate the crisis.

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