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Parler Bites the Dust | Thinking Local for E-Commerce | Finding (Order) Fulfillment

January 15, 2021

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Google pulls Parler. For failing to remove posts inciting violence, Google pulled the social networking app “Parler” from its app store with Amazon and Apple making plans to follow their lead.
  • Subscriptions skyrocket overseas. Subscription-based video platforms in Asia swept advertising revenue this last year as the online video market surpassed $30 billion.
  • Misinformation-mania. A new study shows nearly one in three Americans regularly get their news from Facebook, putting a new emphasis on the already mounting fears of misinformation spread over the internet.
  • No news is (not) good news. As Google and Facebook continue to monopolize the ad market, online news publishers have seen a sharp decline in ad revenue causing significant challenges for the industry and potential policy appeals to congress.

Why E-commerce Should Also Think Locally

Strategies to aid your marketing

While businesses usually spend this time of year reflecting on how they performed in the holiday season, 2021 is very different and it’s time to look ahead. Although a post-COVID future may be approaching, customers have made shopping online part of their new normal and this is unlikely to change. However, when marketing to a broad audience, you may be competing with other merchants for the same customers.

This is why you should consider thinking locally, even for your e-commerce store.

Shipping benefits. Everyone hates when their packages are damaged, but the likelihood of this is far lower when shipping locally. It also cuts your costs significantly and gets your customers their products quicker.

SEO benefits. Higher organic placement in search engine rankings is far easier to obtain in local searches where there is also less competition. This can be difficult to achieve without a storefront since this is required for a Google My Business page, so make sure you disclose your general area of operation on as many outlets as possible.

Community benefits. By spending money to market in your community through non-digital mediums, you inject money into your local economy and can potentially make business relationships with other locals to expand your network.

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Finding Fulfillment in Fulfillment Software

Productivity tips & hacks

With fulfillment software long prioritizing fulfillment centers over clients, it’s time to change the game. Adding more customizable fulfillment software, like The Fulfillment Lab, to your workflow can improve the customer experience. Putting care into the packaging and distribution process is just as important as putting care into the manufacturing process.

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How Retail Was Revolutionized in 2020

Helpful videos & podcasts

It’s easy to talk about retail doom and gloom, given a nearly year-long shutdown for brick-and-mortar stores. Shopify president Harley Finkelstein is bullish on the sector’s resilience and potential — especially in e-commerce.

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Ellie is a PR & SEO Outreach Coordinator for Conversion Giant with three years of experience in digital marketing, social media management, and client relations. A former journalist, she is committed to delivering content with integrity and transparency.

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