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Pirate Sites Walk the Plank | Social Commerce Secrets | Marketing Success in 2021

January 8, 2021

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Pirate sites walk the plank. Due in part to the new Google updates, traffic to pirate sites where you can torrent content have plummeted. Their viewership generated from search engines has dropped by over 30% this year.
  • Apple angers app developers. App developers are struggling to prepare for Apple’s new change of privacy agreements, which will alert users to the option to back out of allowing their information to be mined for the sake of targeted advertising.
  • Googlers unite! Google employees have finally unionized at the parent company, Alphabet, to unite in one voice against discrimination, censorship, and harassment in the workplace.
  • Promoting progress. A new report indicates over half of empowered consumers expect to be more engaged digitally with brands over the next year, promoting businesses who help their communities and contribute to sustainability.

The Secrets of Social Commerce

Strategies to aid your marketing

Shopping online is nothing new. But until recently, shopping on social media was never very popular. Users could use social media to discover and share products, however they would rarely purchase anything through the platform. This has changed in recent years. New innovations and technology have been integrated into social media platforms to create a seamless shopping experience that keeps the user from traveling to an external website.

This has created a new phenomenon in marketing known as “social commerce” and it very well may be the future of shopping online.

Why should I embrace it? A blanket poll of UK shoppers showed nearly two out of three people are more likely to purchase a product if they can do it entirely through their preferred social media platforms. Some analysts predict social commerce could be a $600 billion industry within the next seven years.

What are the benefits? The ability to engage with customers online has given businesses unique opportunities like never before. Much social communication happens over these platforms so brands can easily share their voice, expand their audience, and convert sales using these shopping integrations.

How can I adapt to it? Some social media platforms are better equipped to handle social commerce than others. However, different demographics prefer different social platforms and some can even turn out to be just a fad. Keep an ear to the ground to see which platforms your primary demographic is engaging with and research its social commerce capabilities.

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Marketing Success in 2021

Productivity tips & hacks

Experts say there are five trends to guarantee marketing success in the new year, including building trust, engaging with customers meaningfully, providing seamless digital experiences, finding your brand purpose, and monitoring key customer metrics.

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Apple’s iOS 14 Policy & How it Affects Facebook Ads

Helpful videos & podcasts

Should you be worried about Apple’s new changes to iOS? Learn how it will affect targeting, audiences, and personalized Ads in Facebook and what to do to leverage it for your benefit as an advertiser.

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