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Potential Summer Ad Surge | Virtual Event Marketing | Connecting While Distancing

May 14, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Consent for cookies. As the EU implements their ePrivacy law, customers now must give their permission for websites to read their cookies. Marketers must adapt to the new limitations.
  • Survey says: summer surge. A new survey shows that advertisers plan to increase advertising by 52% this summer, while only 5% surveyed say they will hold out until early 2021.
  • Gain customers with Google conversions. Google Smart Shopping has launched a beta test of a new conversion goal aimed exclusively at acquiring new customers.
  • Can marketing turn the economy around? With the economy at a major low, companies turn to marketers to lead the charge in the turnaround. Many feel marketing will play a major role in the economic recovery.

Virtual Event Marketing: The New Normal

Strategies to aid your marketing

With Americans still quarantined in their homes, in-person event marketing is simply an impossibility. This is especially damaging to businesses who have relied on expos, conventions, and other gatherings to market their services. However, with the help of modern day technology, virtual event marketing can provide an effective alternative when done correctly.

Here are four tips to create a virtual event and spread brand awareness in these uncertain times.

1. Find a need. With so many people struggling with the weight of the current pandemic, it’s important to take the temperature of your customers to figure out their needs. Reach out to a few to gauge their interest in the event and see how to make it relevant.

2. Create hype. To ensure you have a sizable audience, post regular reminders and updates on your social platforms and set up a targeted ad campaign. Be sure to add descriptive and concise event hashtags.

3. Set up a live stream. Find a platform that allows for public broadcasting, such as Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to run a couple of tests beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly.

4. Generate conversions in real time. To make your virtual events more engaging, you should allow participants to make live comments. You can respond to questions posted in chat in real time.

5. Promote after the event. By following up with promotions, you can continue to capitalize off of the event even after it’s over. Post shoutouts and thank yous to attendees on social media to generate brand loyalty and gain a greater following.

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How to Connect While Social Distancing

Productivity tips & hacks

Many people have begun to experience the fatigue of social distancing and are struggling to cope with the loneliness developed from limited interactions with others. Using social media to share real-time activities, reach out to the elderly, or volunteer online can aid your mental health and personal well-being.

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Adjusting Your Social Media in Crazy Times

Helpful videos & podcast

Social Pros shines the spotlight on social media practitioners — people doing the real work for real companies — to reveal what changes you need to make in social media during these uncertain times. These include: showing a human voice, injecting humor without crossing a line, and paying attention to how prime publishing times have changed with more people at home.

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