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Queen’s Gambit Boosts Chess Sales | Snapchat Mirrors TikTok | Pay Attention to Gen Z

December 3, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • FB bot bans businesses. In the crucial lead up to Black Friday, thousands of small businesses were banned from advertising on Facebook by moderation bots. This may have been done accidentally due to the platform’s new focus on handling election and pandemic misinformation.
  • Queen’s Gambit, an ad checkmate. Netflix proved to be a potential powerhouse for advertising after sales for chess sets skyrocketed 125% following the release of their new series, The Queen’s Gambit. Furthermore, chess games apps in the iOS app store jumped to the top of the charts.
  • Talking on Twitter. Poised as a rival to Clubhouse, Twitter announced “Audio Spaces”, which allows users to host or partake in live conversations with others digitally.
  • Spotlight on Snapchat. As TikTok continues to syphon daily users from other social media platforms, Snapchat is fighting back with its own short-form video competitor: “Spotlight”.

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Gen Z

Strategies to aid your marketing

The pandemic has brought on a once-in-a-generation shift when it comes to device usage, online shopping, and digital media consumption ascending to unseen heights. This is especially true with Gen Z.

We now know the importance of marketing to Gen Z since they make up 40% of all consumers and have the spending power of over $150 billion in 2020 alone. Here are some other reasons you shouldn’t ignore them in your advertising efforts.

1. They are always online. The pandemic may soon play less of a factor in our daily lives, but the screen time surge we’ve seen from Gen Z isn’t likely to go away. It’s the new normal to shop online, therefore a major shift from traditional forms of advertising is merited. Focus on your eCommerce platforms to drive traffic to your website.

2. They are ideal for targeting. Gen Z tends to browse less and instead focuses on specific product categories. Between this and the screen time usage, they are an ideal match for targeted online advertising and quick conversions. Create content in formats they have been shown to be receptive to, such as memes, GIFs, short-form videos, and infographics.

3. They are still developing brand loyalty. If your business is in apparel, at-home entertainment, or food service, Gen Z has already gravitated to you. If you are outside of those industries, you are in a unique position to reach them before your competitors. With contentious views on consumerism like no generation beforehand, you need to research and appeal to their values to gain their brand loyalty.

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Emotion: The Key to Higher Energy

Productivity tips & hacks

When we think about productivity, we often lump time management in as a major factor. However, it’s crucial to focus on a more renewable resource (which time is not): energy. Keeping energy high comes down to preventing emotional exhaustion. When employers take the time to learn emotional intelligence and employees assign value to their work, productivity can become more attainable.

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The Secret to Automated Bidding Strategies

Helpful videos & podcasts

Enjoy an interesting discussion about running automated bidding tests, what kinds of automated bids to run, how often to run them, how to test automated bids, and what kind of data to focus on.

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