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SNL Boosts Sara Lee | Last-Minute Black Friday Hacks | Eating Lunch Alone

November 22, 2019

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • Sara Lee meets SNL. Their latest sketch pokes fun at what could happen if a rogue employee used the Sara Lee Twitter account to make obscene Tweets, and the wholesome bread brand took it in stride. (Warning: Provocative video content.)
  • Snapchat snaps back. After a major redesign in 2017 that led a large number of users to leave the platform, it’s finally seeing a resurgence.
  • What now, Facebook? Recent malfunctions with the Facebook Ads interface threaten to mess with ad buyers’ profits just ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • TikTok joins the commerce party. The growing social media platform has started allowing users to feature links in bio and social commerce URLs.

Last-Minute Black Friday Tips

Strategies to aid your marketing


The pressure to create an amazing holiday campaign can be overwhelming if you’re getting on board late in the game. With Black Friday around the corner, here’s a quick and dirty guide to making a big impact in a short amount of time.

Here, There, and Everywhere

Consider, according to popular time zones, what time shoppers will be abuzz on Nov. 29 (Black Friday):

– US: Midnight to 2pm

– UK: 5pm to 7pm

– Singapore: Midnight to 12:30am and then from 10am-11pm

You’re The Real VIP

Reward returning customers and those who did their research:

– Create email campaigns with exclusive sales/coupon codes to loyal/subscribed customers

– Price match for mobile customers who come to the store

Pro Tip: More than 50% of shoppers will shop from their mobile phones, so be sure to optimize your mobile app before the big day.

– Send out incentives after a purchase, to come back to shop in January/February.

And, Obviously

Get ahead of the game by pre-promoting:

– Get creative with your in-store and online ads (fun/animated countdown online, holiday signage in-store)

– Create ads for your social media platform (create memes, gifs, etc.)

– Send out segmented emails (a few days before Black Friday and the day before) based on your multiple targeted audiences

Pro Tip: Remember that consumer holiday behavior tends to be different since most are shopping for others

– Utilize coupon codes on coupon code/affiliate sites that generate sales for a percentage of your profit

– Purchase targeted ads (on Facebook, Instagram, and Google) to multi-channel shoppers (which tends to cost less because it’s a wider audience)

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Eat Lunch Alone

Productivity tips & hacks


There’s nothing like the approach of holiday family dinners to make you appreciate your alone time. And a recent study proves that eating lunch with your work BFF might not be in your best interest either. Eating lunch alone has proven to increase the level of energy typically felt by the end of the day. So don’t feel bad the next time you say, “Not today, Brenda.” You’ll definitely be better for it.


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Pre-Launch Prep

Helpful videos & podcasts



Whether you’re launching a new product or service, the 30-60 days leading up to that launch are essential to its success. Amy Porterfield shares how Facebook Live can aid in a successful launch when done correctly.


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