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Instagram Ditches ‘Like’ Count | Stories Beat Sales Copy | Think Weeks

November 15, 2019

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • ‘Likes’ take a hike. Instagram is starting to remove ‘Like’ counts from public posts, leaving that metric only for the account owner to see. Experts contemplate how this could affect the influencer community. 
  • The eBay ADtrocity. The online retailer faces criticism for stuffing its search results pages with sponsored listings.
  • Reebok redubs its logo. Although a subtle change, Reebok’s new logo aims for a more minimalist, modern look. 
  • Last one to load is a rotten egg. Google Chrome plans to inform users of websites with poor load times before they even click on them. 
  • Twitter bans political ads… sort of. The recent move by Twitter in response to the Facebook controversy could be less sweeping than it seems. It won’t ban political ads that don’t mention candidates or bills

Advertising on LinkedIn

Strategies to aid your marketing


LinkedIn’s digital marketing manager advocates using the human element in advertising by implementing the below strategies. 


  1. Create a connection


Consumers want to know how their lives will be changed by the use of your product or service. Research proves that consumers care more about the personal experience and “feel good” aspect of buying a product than the usefulness of it.


  1. Keep advertising


Even if your business is doing well in the marketplace, continue marketing. You might be tempted to tamp down on your marketing budget, but in fact, it’s the best time to advertise and potentially increase the budget. Using your success to share your values with a wider audience creates a deeper human connection.


  1. Curate content for various buyers


Understanding your audience is key. Creating content that speaks to different levels of product awareness and stages of the buyer’s journey is necessary. Consumers are more likely to buy when they feel understood.


  1. Tell your story


Of course you want to sell your product/service. That’s one of the main objectives of branding and advertising. But what’s going to keep them talking about it and keep them coming back? A good story is what creates a lasting connection between a brand and its consumers.


  1. Use LinkedIn as a brand platform


LinkedIn has a ton of resources to help you tell your story, put out quality content, and track your analytics.


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Take a ‘Think Week’

Productivity tips & hacks


Bill Gates takes “think weeks” twice a year. Here’s how it works: book a hotel or cabin, take a few books on various topics, a journal, and food. Naturally, this concept might be more feasible for billionaire Bill Gates than the rest of us, so you can start with a “think weekend” and work your way up from there.


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Stories > Ads

Helpful videos & podcasts



Micki Krimmel of Superfit Hero talks about how story-based advertising trumps product-based advertising when it comes to developing a loyal customer base.


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