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McDonald’s turns to AI | Google introduces BERT | Writing skimmable content

November 1, 2019

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • And a Big Mac, please. McDonald’s is implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their digital menus, allowing them to display menu items in a certain order based on the time of day, weather, and other predictive factors.
  • Same kicks, new tricks. Adidas admits to over-spending on their digital marketing by focusing too much on ROI and less on the brand’s best interests and emotional branding.
  • Showing too much skin? Researchers are working on a skin-like prototype phone case that could encourage more “natural interaction” with smartphones. Creepy, we know.
  • Apple dominates again. Studies show that Apple Pay has officially surpassed the Starbucks mobile app as the most popular mobile payment app in the US.
  • Introducing… BERT. Perhaps the biggest change to Google’s algorithm in the last five years, BERT aims to better understand conversational queries.

Writing for Skimmers

Strategies to aid your marketing


Research has proven that at least 55% of site visitors are going to read your post for 15 seconds. If the majority of your readers aren’t sticking around to read your long-form, well-written article, then what’s the point, right? Here’s how to make it count:

Summary graphics are your best friend

Super descriptive H2s aren’t enough anymore. Instead of trying to optimize your entire post with keywords and catchy phrases, give skimmers quick bites of info in one spot.

Skip long, bulky paragraphs

First, don’t put complicated info like statistics and breakdowns of a topic in your intro. Use the PAS (problem, agitate, solution) method to answer consumer questions:

  • Problem – What’s the pain point?
  • Agitate – How does it affect me? Why do I care?
  • Solution – How can you fix it?

Second, you’re more likely to increase user session duration when your paragraphs aren’t long and intimidating.

Incorporate a table of contents and “scroll to top” button

If you’re writing a post/article that is 2000+ words, do your skimmers a favor, create a quick way for them to get to the content they care about.

Create visuals out of research/data

Whether it’s original or borrowed, when you take the time to create a chart or graph, it helps skimmers to interpret it more easily. And there are several apps (like Canva) that make it easy to create them.

Giant Marketing Tip: Cater your content to a shorter attention span with the above-mentioned tips, but also try incorporating videos, infographics, and other visual aids to break up the monotony.

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Unwind with Fika

Productivity tips & hacks


We could learn something from the Swedes with a social coffee break they call “fika.” It’s meant to break up the monotony of the day by giving your brain a break. It reminds you to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.

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Marketing Complicated Products

Helpful videos & podcasts


The ease and accessibility of online shopping may be making us increasingly anti-social, but stores like Nordstrom prove that the interpersonal touch is still essential.

Mark Schaeffer and Brooke Sellas talk about Nordstrom’s latest initiative — and how in-personal contact can actually enhance the online experience.

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