“I received a hokey little video in the mail one day that caught my eye. In short, it was about taming the Google Adword Machine. I watched it and appreciated the content it conveyed because I identified with it. The message was that Google was a giant machine which was complex and difficult to master. We definitely needed help and Google’s assigned rep wasn’t the solution.

We have a niche’ market selling zip lines and we’d previously done really well with Adwords. Because of our long history of trial and error using Adwords, we felt like we had zeroed in on a good method and put the entire program on auto-pilot for several years.

After running some analysis numbers, it turned out we were doing a terrible job with our return on investment, but we never imaged that it was user error (us), we thought this was due to the seasonality of our summertime business or market saturation.

After watching the movie, I chatted with Conversion Giants and we decided to give them a try because they didn’t have contracts – they really wanted to earn our business each month – plus their rates were reasonable.

We gave them the keys and within one week we saw a dramatic difference with our ROI. While on auto-pilot, every dollar we spent on advertising, we gained on average of 6 in revenue (1:6) during the slowest month of the season. The same week we on-boarded Conversion Giants, we saw those numbers jump to 1:22. The average settled into 1:16 for the rest of the year.

I would recommend this company! It’s small enough that you get great customer service and big enough that if somebody goes on vacation, you can still make changes to your account. In fact, anytime we have needed to change our budget up or down, our account rep is Johnny-on-the-spot and emails me within a couple of hours.”

About Peter Dulay

Advertisers choose Conversion Giant because we know that conversions, revenue, and profit come from more than just your marketing. It comes from thinking “BIG” about your business.