Keven – Pool Dawg

“Working with Conversion Giant has been a great experience ever since the first contact (which happened to come in the form of a cheesy, home-maid spoof video that helped break through my thick skepticism of all people trying to sell me things). After talking with the sales team I decided to give them a try and it has worked out even better than I hoped. Conversion Giant is the real deal!

A great deal of the success of our partnership can be credited to our amazing campaign manager. He is always curious and asking questions about our business so he can figure out what is important to us beyond the statistics. We communicate regularly and practically every time he comes back with new ideas on how to improve our campaigns. I give him a budget and some KPIs and he meets or exceeds those goals regularly and still looks for areas of improvement. The best thing I can say about CG is that I trust them to manage our PPC campaigns which gives me more time to focus on the things I need to do to run a successful business.
Thanks Conversion Giant!”

About Peter Dulay

Advertisers choose Conversion Giant because we know that conversions, revenue, and profit come from more than just your marketing. It comes from thinking “BIG” about your business.