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“Thank you all again for some great results you are producing for our business. You guys put us back at the top of the heap on seo. Carl is also doing a great job managing the advertising on Google.”
Paul Paresky
“THANK YOU!  I was hoping that this service would be helpful and worth the money, and thus far, I’ve been very pleased.  I really appreciate the time you both took today to meet with me.  🙂  Thanks again!”
Daniel Johnson
Many Bidets

“We’re getting really good leads right now. Our salespeople are busy! Between SEO, the overhaul of our PPC campaign, and who-knows-what-else is working in our favor, we’re reaching the right customers. I’m happy about the improvement on [my confidential top keyword]!”

Matt Boettger
Werever Products Inc.

“I am very impressed that we were able to drop spend by 25% and still maintain the conversions. Thank you.”

Corey Searle
Home Products Inc.

“Our sales for December were $… Last year we had $… in sales for an increase of 40.53%! … Let’s keep this going. Great job!”

Rich Burkhart
Stair Parts USA

“My experience with Conversion Giant has been great so far. There are literally thousands of firms out there who provide SEO solutions but what makes my experience so positive is the attention our specialist gives us. It brings me comfort knowing this part of our business is being closely watched and optimized at all times.”

Tyson Paap
San Francisco Herb Co.

“I received a hokey little video in the mail one day that caught my eye. In short, it was about taming the Google Adword Machine. I watched it and appreciated the content it conveyed because I identified with it. The message was that Google was a giant machine which was complex and difficult to master. We definitely needed help and Google’s assigned rep wasn’t the solution.

We have a niche’ market selling zip lines and we’d previously done really well with Adwords. Because of our long history of trial and error using Adwords, we felt like we had zeroed in on a good method and put the entire program on auto-pilot for several years.

After running some analysis numbers, it turned out we were doing a terrible job with our return on investment, but we never imaged that it was user error (us), we thought this was due to the seasonality of our summertime business or market saturation.

After watching the movie, I chatted with Conversion Giants and we decided to give them a try because they didn’t have contracts – they really wanted to earn our business each month – plus their rates were reasonable.

We gave them the keys and within one week we saw a dramatic difference with our ROI. While on auto-pilot, every dollar we spent on advertising, we gained on average of 6 in revenue (1:6) during the slowest month of the season. The same week we on-boarded Conversion Giants, we saw those numbers jump to 1:22. The average settled into 1:16 for the rest of the year.

I would recommend this company! It’s small enough that you get great customer service and big enough that if somebody goes on vacation, you can still make changes to your account. In fact, anytime we have needed to change our budget up or down, our account rep is Johnny-on-the-spot and emails me within a couple of hours.”

Joy Chamberlain

“Working with Conversion Giant has been a great experience ever since the first contact (which happened to come in the form of a cheesy, home-maid spoof video that helped break through my thick skepticism of all people trying to sell me things). After talking with the sales team I decided to give them a try and it has worked out even better than I hoped. Conversion Giant is the real deal!

A great deal of the success of our partnership can be credited to our amazing campaign manager. He is always curious and asking questions about our business so he can figure out what is important to us beyond the statistics. We communicate regularly and practically every time he comes back with new ideas on how to improve our campaigns. I give him a budget and some KPIs and he meets or exceeds those goals regularly and still looks for areas of improvement. The best thing I can say about CG is that I trust them to manage our PPC campaigns which gives me more time to focus on the things I need to do to run a successful business.
Thanks Conversion Giant!”

Keven Engelke
General Manager
Pool Dawg

“CG is very attentive and client oriented. He has worked hard to drive the right kind of traffic to my site. Thanks Conversion Giant.”

Kevin Salute
Salute Law

“Conversion Giant’s outstanding team of professionals proactively manage our account. They communicate often and clearly the steps they are taking to increase sales while lowering costs.”

John Watson
Chief Executive Officer
MALIK Gallery Collection/Bauhaus 2 Your House

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