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Tik Tok’s Corporate Shakeup | When Re-targeting Gets Annoying | Rethinking Employee Wellness

August 28, 2020

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • E-commerce explodes. With brick and mortar stores still struggling, online retail reported 45% growth last quarter with no sign of slowing down.
  • Zappos has big shoes to fill. Tony Hsieh, the legendary visionary and one of the forefathers of online retail, has announced his retirement from Zappos after serving over two decades as CEO.
  • Shop stores on social. Facebook has announced new e-commerce features for the platform as well as Instagram to accommodate the recent influx of businesses who have switched to online retail.
  • Tik Tok corporate shakeup. Tik Tok CEO, Kevin Maye, has resigned after only three months in the midst of the Trump administration threatening to ban the app if it’s not purchased by a US company in 90 days.

When Re-targeting Gets Annoying

Strategies to aid your marketing

It’s no secret the value of an existing customer far outweighs the value of a potential customer. This is why re-targeting and re-marketing are cornerstones of any good advertising strategy. Re-targeting campaigns show ads to users who have previously visited and/or shown interest in your website while re-marketing campaigns focus on previous buyers who have yet to return and make another purchase for some time.
Now, although these methods work well in theory it is important to know why they may not be an effective method for your specific business.

Re-targeting campaigns can often prove annoying or distasteful to your audience. For example, if they already purchased the product or something similar, seeing ads showcasing something they already have can be frustrating. A lot of purchases are one-time occurrences or were bought as gifts for others which have no bearing on the interests of the specific person being targeted.

Re-marketing campaigns can have similar drawbacks and may come at the cost of acquiring new business by instead doubling down on past customers.
Beating a customer over the head with specific ads for the same products over and over again can often do more harm than good. It may annoy your past customers to the point where you lose their brand loyalty.

Examine the performance of previous ret-argeting and rem-arketing campaigns and put yourself in your previous customers shoes and ask yourself whether this method would be successful with you. You may find it actually benefits you more to seek out new customers instead of relentlessly marketing to your old ones.

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Rethinking Employee Wellness

Productivity tips & hacks

With the move to a virtual office environment for many companies, employers may want to consider how the wellness benefits they offer their staff can translate to the remote environment. Online yoga classes, after-work Zoom Happy Hours, and scheduling adjustments to accommodate lower PTO requests can go a long way toward benefiting employee physical and mental health.

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Bringing an Old Company Into a New World

Helpful videos & podcast

Patrick Bolan bought an old clock company, Geochron, and tried to modernize it. Employees revolted so hard that they locked him out of the building. Here’s how he finally turned things around.

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