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Top Apps of the 2010s | SEO in 2020 | How to De-Clutter Digitally

December 19, 2019

Second-Hand Scoop

News from the past week


  • They’re comin’ for U(PS). Morgan Stanley estimates that Amazon is delivering half of its own packages, surpassing UPS and FedEx.
  • Apps of the decade. Social media and messenger apps were the top downloaded apps of the 2010s, while Netflix and Tinder dominate in terms of consumer spending. Amazon, on the other hand? Nowhere to be seen.
  • Fillers, filters, and so much more. A celebrity makeup artist has coined the term “Instagram Face” to describe a unified look created by plastic surgery and FaceTune, and popularized by Instagram influencers.
  • Memes of the decade. A 2010s wrap-up of memes that defined the decade covers every phenomenon, from ‘planking’ to Distracted Boyfriend.

SEO in 2020

Strategies to aid your marketing

Author-ity matters. While a domain’s authority still matters, Google is finding ways to vet the reputation of content writers. If your content isn’t written by experts in 2020, you’re in trouble.

I need a visual. People are loving Google Lens. Want to keep up? Optimize your visual content.

Are you recording?
Nobody reads anymore. Want people to check out your content? Give them something to watch.

“Hey, Siri…” Voice assistance is all the rage. If you want Siri or Alexa to mention you, you better make sure you’re ranking and that you have a Q&A page.

Get featured. Being ranked number 1 used to be the goal. In 2020, featured content outranks #1. Learn how to optimize for that #0 spot.

Be intentional. It’s no longer enough to choose keywords based on what your target audience is searching for. Now you have to know why.

Click ME! Get creative with attention grabbers like emotional and powerful content titles.

“Let’s link up.” Don’t stress, link building is still relevant. Google still bases some of your DA score on content that links back to your site.

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KonMari Your Digital Space

Productivity tips & hacks

We’re willing to bet that if there was a Hoarder show for digital storage, you’d be on it. The reality is we all would. So how do we clean up our act? Delete stuff and organize your digital files, clean your inbox (I know, I know), set archive filters, send stuff to the mysterious “cloud,” and get rid of accounts you don’t use.

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Instagram Stories & Branding

Helpful videos & podcasts

Sue Zimmerman talks about how using Instagram Stories can help you with your branding, down to the stickers, text placement, and hashtags you should use.
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