Google Search Partners: How to Identify and Target Your Ads

Historically, Google has never provided the insight or tools necessary within AdWords to manage their search partner placements. Compare this to the Google Content Network, where only recently have they given us the ability to control and exclude placements on the network that simply don’t perform. However, the Google Search Partner network has remained relatively unchanged over the years despite our continual requests for better reporting and tools.

Unfortunately, this has put us in a position as advertisers and agencies where we are left with only 2 real options. Based on the performance of the Google Search Partners, you are either in or you’re out. There is no middle ground….until now.

At Keyword Search Pros, we identified 3 steps to identify, target, and monitor/adjust specific placements in the search partners. Below are the slides that will give you the low down and exactly how we did and you can do this.

We hope you find great use of this Amazing Tactic. To give an example of how we used it here at KSP, take of one of our clients who sells high-end swing sets. This particular client’s ads were appearing on a Walmart web page with other swing sets that were at lower price points. So these people were going to Walmart, presumably for a swing set under $500. Our clients sets range between $1.5k to $5K.

At first we noticed the low performance from Walmart specifically but were hesitant to opt out since there were a significant amount of conversions still coming from this partner. What we decided to do was create a more targeted ad; something to the sound of,

Swing Set Not On Walmart?
Try Better Swing Sets than Walmart
Prices from $1,500. Free Shipping

This allowed us to create a better targeted ad that prepared advertisers for our price points and qualified people better who were not prepared to spend in this range. This is only one area of use. The aim of our presentation and tutorial here is to give control back to the advertisers.

In addition to our findings, we wanted to point you over to an Analytics resource created by a UK company, Periscopix. Here, in their blog piece they tell us how to set filters to segment Analytics data from in Search Partner network. One of the best things it does is gives advertisers a full perspective of who their entire partner network might consist of.

We did this filter test in Analytics for one of our smallest clients capturing data over 30 days. Or client got 2,800 clicks over 88 different partners; each partner being of a differnt nature and performance level. This it is why it is important that we take control of the Partner Network starting with targeting or excluding its members.

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