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New Adwords Attribution Models – Understanding The Path To Conversions

attribution models in adwords - conversion
The path to conversions is never as straightforward as we’d hope. In an ideal advertising world, someone would search for a particular keyword, click your ad, and purchase your product or service. But unfortunately, it’s not so linear. More realistic conversions happen after multiple visits and after multiple keywords have been used to narrow down …

Why You Need to be Using RLSA in Your Ad Campaigns Now

Why You Need to be Using RLSA in Your Ad Campaigns Now
Back when the earth was cooling in 2012, Google announced Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). If you’re not familiar with these ads or are only starting to hear about them more recently, that’s probably because there was little momentum at first. But as shoppers and advertisers become more search-savvy and are getting a better …

The New AdWords is Here! Here’s What to Expect

new adwords experience
Can you believe AdWords is 15 years old? Over the course of the last year, Google has been building hype around a new interface they’re bringing to AdWords to help make the next 15 years just as successful as the last. They took feedback from advertisers from different industries across the globe to incorporate changes …

Using Time Lag Reports To See If Remarketing Is Great For You

using time lag reports remarketing
Remarketing is a process whereby visitors will see an advertisement on a third-party site for an item they were recently shopping for. This is facilitated by tagging visitors with a specific code or cookie. We know that 97% of users do not convert on their first visit to a website, so remarketing is an effective …

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