The New AdWords is Here! Here’s What to Expect

new adwords experience

Can you believe AdWords is 15 years old? Over the course of the last year, Google has been building hype around a new interface they’re bringing to AdWords to help make the next 15 years just as successful as the last. They took feedback from advertisers from different industries across the globe to incorporate changes that align with the data they collected.

new google interface 2017


When Will You Experience the New AdWords?

The new interface has already rolled out to some accounts. Over the course of 2017, Google will be launching it across the board. You’ll receive an alert telling you when it’s been rolled out to your account and likely invited to provide feedback, too.

What’s Changing in AdWords?

Google is promising to deliver on 3 key principles in the new AdWords experience:

  1. Identify opportunities.
  2. Focus on your business.
  3. Accomplish more.

But what do these actually mean? Advertisers are just getting familiar with the old interface and need to know exactly what to expect!

Identify Opportunities

Upon logging into AdWords, you’ll be greeted with a simplified Overview page that lets advertisers see key data at-a-glance. Here’s a screenshot from Google that shows some new reports you’ll see upon logging in. NOTE that these are just examples of cards you can set up in your Overview page.

adwords overview

The chart in the top left will pinpoint any “red flags” in your account that require attention. Using the data in the top right, you’ll be able to see what time of day your ads are getting the most impressions and clicks. The chart in the bottom left shows you how your campaigns are performing in comparison to each other while the bottom right displays a heat map to identify impressions and clicks by different locations. You can also set up cards to show you which devices are driving the majority of your clicks and conversions.

Focus on Your Business

Campaign creation flow has been rebuilt to better help your business create effective ads. You’ll be able tell AdWords what your marketing objectives are and they’ll recommend features to help you achieve it. This looks a lot like the campaign creation flow we see in Facebook Advertising.

adwords objectives campaign creation

Your campaigns will run the same way so you won’t need to worry about upgrading anything!

Accomplish More

Key features like targeting, devices, locations, and app scheduling will be much more accessible in the new AdWords interface. You can access them with a single click, allowing advertisers to save time.

Why Are We Sharing This News?

It’s important to be ready for the changes coming to your AdWords account. Advertisers who are just getting familiar with the current interface may experience a learning curve when adopting the new one. Be on the lookout for the alert in your account and make sure you’ve updated your Standard Text Ads to the new Expanded Text Ads (ETAs).

new google adwords 2017


Have you experienced the new AdWords yet? What do you like or dislike about it? Let us know in the comments.

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