6 Adwords Tips in your PPC Management this Holiday Season

Pink Christmas TreeThe holidays is right around the corner; some people might start their shopping as early as Halloween to avoid the hassle. Since consumers turn to the Internet for about almost anything, including their shopping needs, it’s important to maximize your online exposure. Businesses and companies should grab this great opportunity for their products or services to known in the Internet. You don’t have to shell out more money to entice holiday shoppers than you have to; all you have to do is optimize your site to target people looking for a specific product or service that your company offers.

During the holidays, your Adwords account should be optimized to attract a broader audience; this will bring your ROI to a whole new level. The expertise of a qualified PPC management company will get your site running for you through proper AdWords management.

Is your PPC campaign mobilized toward the holiday season? Get your PPC campaigns set and ready to go for the holidays; missing out on the extra holiday traffic can be damaging to your online advertising investment. Here are some tips to help you run a successful Adwords management campaign for the holiday season.

1. Run keyword reports or try out the new Search-based Keyword tool. In the keyword report, you will find out which keywords converted well during the previous holidays. There’s a great chance that these keywords will perform well again this season. On the other hand, SbKT is a tool that reviews the content of your site and generates a list of relevant historical Google search queries for which the site in question is not currently advertising. Using this tool, your PPC management company will seek additional keyword suggestions or “missed opportunity” terms for your site.

2. Reconsider the Search Query Performance Report. Google has just launched improved transparency in Search Query Reports to give advertisers additional information about the search terms that activate your ads. Your AdWords management experts will filter and analyze this report for you. Through constant monitoring, your dedicated team can establish which queries are generating clicks; adding relevant queries as keywords and irrelevant keywords as negatives, this can greatly increase your ROI.

3. Use your Ad Text Wisely. Entice early holiday shoppers traffic by running promotions with your PPC management company as early as the month of October. With the current state of economy, shoppers plan to spend more time doing extensive comparative canvassing for gifts before actually buying them. Find out what your competition are offering and make sure your promotional offers beat them all. Your company’s best deals will make your ad text stand from among the countless competition, so make sure you highlight what your potential buyer can get from you: dollar savings, shipping information deal and ‘ship by’ dates.

4. Level up your Landing Page. Search engines are extremely useful throughout the holiday season. Some people may know exactly what they’re looking to buy, but there are also shoppers who don’t have a clue; these people turn to search engines as their go-to source for gift ideas. Designing a holiday gift finder landing page is included in your AdWords management campaign during this season. Present the undecided shopper with wonderful gift ideas at fantastic prices with this. It is also important to categorize the audience your product would appeal to the most.

5. Cyber Monday, here we come!. Cyber Monday is the Monday after ‘Black Friday’ (Friday after Thanksgiving). This day is said to generate sales from people who couldn’t find what they were searching for in-store; or in other words, holiday purchasing happens on Cyber Monday – early/mid December. Your PPC management company will bid higher for this day than any other day to take full advantage of Cyber Monday traffic. To get the most clicks, your adverts need to be in the top 3; so be ready to bid. If you do not dominate the competition specifically on this day, you’re missing out a lot of possible holiday revenue. This day is also known to have really great sales and deals online; talk to your AdWords management expert how you can maximize your ROI on this very competitive day.

6. Don’t Underestimate Post-holiday Sales. Shoppers want to take advantage of post-holidays sales online to get the best deals because of the kind of economy we are facing now. Your PPC campaign should not end on December 25th; you’re missing out valuable traffic if you do. Monitor your PPC campaign end dates and sales instead to maximize on the post-holiday shoppers. Make sure to continue your AdWords management campaign even after the holidays to attract shoppers to retailers all year round.

One great tip for the holidays: preparation and planning. Be ready for the incrase in traffic and the increase of your Return of Investment. A dedicated PPC management company can get things up and running during the festive season so you yourself can have time to enjoy the holidays. Be ready to enjoy all the holidays have to offer. Season Greetings everyone!

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