Keyword Search Pros Undergoes 2009 PPC Management Makeover to Capture 2010 Market

Keyword Search Pros get a new 2009 makeover to cater to information hungry advertisers. New develops will continue into 2010.

Los Angeles, CA-October 11th, 2009-The Los Angeles PPC management company, Keyword Search Pros Inc., has just launched its new website as of this month after a 9 month effort to restructure the agency’s value proposition to advertisers. The new company structure positions KSP as more or less an authority and resource for advertisers of any size by offering free educational tools and tutorials free to the public.

Senior Operations Manager, Aaron Putnam says “It’s been a long effort this year to put this together but well worth it. Our new site is giving PPC managers what it takes to maximize the performance from an internal standpoint. We know we can help a lot in this field.” Putnam continued on to mention that KSP’s new marketing program was still in its infant stages and that it would take a long time to root itself into the internet advertising industry.

A compliment to Keyword Search Pro’s already well structured PPC ad service, the new plan is already receiving a more than positive response from the online community.

Keyword Search Pros’ CEO and Director, Peter Dulay stated after a press conference last Tuesday that, “We figured that most advertisers try and do what we do but without any help or guidance. This program is set up to provide that exact help they need. And if they don’t have the time to do it themselves; heck, they can hire us to help.” He concluded, “We’ve got a good foundation with the website and all but there is still a long road ahead.”

The website: is set up not only as a company service reference but as a tool for all advertisers. In depth how-to tutorials coupled with insightful tips and advice is found in the Blog section of the site and more tools and links can be accessed from the Resources page. The same eBook, Guide To Better Understanding PPC is still a web favorite and is downloadable from most any page. Keyword Search Pros have also added several multi-media facets including Twitter and Facebook and suggest that their new Keyword Search Pros YouTube channel will be accessible by year’s end.

Some of KSPs SEM management core services include keyword research, ad testing, and bid management. KSP is strongly involved in display and banner advertising now and expects it will add video ads to its tool belt Q1 of 2010.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is one area of focus for KSP, however Dulay stated, “SEO is not as popular right now because advertisers are more concerned with investing into marketing that creates immediate returns.”

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