Google on the Move with PPC Managenent Test Betas: Keyword Search Pros to Help

Mountain View, CA –October 25th, 2009- It seems Google is on the move with some new Adwords features coming out and there is no sign of slowing at the Northern California Googleplex Campus in Mountain View. Here, Google engineers have been working on new Adwords interface betas which help make the experience for users quicker and easier. They will also provide more intuitive PPC management processes so Adwords advertising customers can more effectively gain access to vital campaign aspects they would not have been able to before.

Some of new features recently released by Google have included performance graphs, campaign tree visibility, in-line editing, and newer content management systems. These changes were implemented soon after the entire Adwords interface was transformed earlier this year.

Keyword Search Pros PPC Management Team in Mtn View
(left to right) Peter Dulay, Damon Wang, and Vicken Balian

Alongside Adwords Technicians, members from Keyword Search Pros, a Los Angeles PPC management firm, technical assistance team and director, Peter Dulay visited the campus last week to assist Google in testing some of Google’s newest beta functions. Due to non-disclosure agreements, KSP could not comment on the basis of their testing. However, one member said quote, “Adwords advertisers are in for a real treat soon.”

Last week, Google Adwords released new features in the Adwords API (Asynchronous calls, keyword and placement ideas, and location extensions preview) and Analytics updates (new engagement goals and analytics intelligence).

Google released a Search-based Keyword Tool (SbKT) last June that allows advertisers to search for highly effective keywords by extracting various pieces of relevant content from their websites. Then the tool prompts a list of recommended keyword suggestions based on that content. Because Google’s pricing structure is quality score based on landing page relevancy, using keywords from the list would more likely to produce higher quality scores and lower costs per click.

One of Google’s largest full-effort strategies surrounds and display segment of the content network and Adwords Display Ad Builder Program. Now with Display Ad Builder, available in Adwords, advertisers can create their own animated, video, and banner advertisements themselves and post them directly to the content network immediately.

Keyword Search Pros proactively offers display advertising services as a value added portion of their advertising service. They also continue to work closely with Google in developing the total offering to advertisers looking for display channels in Google’s Network.

It is unclear at this point as to the full scope of what is to be expected from Google Adwords in 2010, but one thing is sure; change. Keyword Search Pros has been at the top of the list to aid advertisers in adjusting to the changes. It for certain that Google’s algorithm will continue to evolve in the foreseeable future.

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