Keyword Search Pros – The name change

August 15th, Real Search Pros, Inc officially amended the corporate name to Keyword Search Pros. in order to provide better specificity when it comes to service type. Industry experts and SEO consultants say that change was long overdue since the Pay Per Click (PPC) market is more competitive, not only in competitive services but in similar named keyword software applications.

The directors at Keyword Search Pros have plans to develop the name into a branded icon in the next 3 years and also want to add in a web development segment to the company. So far this year, Keyword Search has broken its previous records in Google Adwords management spend and is growing at exponential rates. Directors at KSP declined to comment on the exact management dollar figures but did promise that in spite of the current growth rate, advertisers are receiving better service than ever.

“We had a vision that advertisers could actually receive value from a service like this.” says Peter Dulay, Senior Consultant and Director. “Most PPC Companies nowadays just want to take the money and run.”

It uncertain how big KSP will be by the end of 2009, but Dulay says they are looking additional commercial space in Santa Monica, one of the highest real estate appraised areas in California.

About Peter Dulay

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