VP of Paid Search to Speak at SMX Seattle this Summer

Aaron Putnam, KSP Vice President, was recently chosen to speak on a Pay Per Click Tactics Panel this June in Seattle, Washington. The topic for speaking is said to involve the discussion surrounding Google’s Search Partners Network and Targeting Partner Placements.

Los Angeles-April 21, 2010- Keyword Search Pros, Inc., a Los Angeles PPC Management Company, announced that Executive Vice-President Aaron Putnam was chosen yesterday to speak on a panel at the Seattle 2010 SMX Convention held June 8-9th. The discussion block entitled ‘Paid Search Track: Amazing PPC Tactics’ will be a dialog block for advanced paid search professionals looking to learn about new and cutting edge ideas surfacing in Sponsored Search Advertising. Sponsored advertising accounted for 95% of Google’s annual revenue intake last year.

Although Keyword Search Pros will not discuss the specifics of the talk at this time, it is saying that the discovery is monumental in the PPC world. “It’s gonna change the way people view search partners” says Putnam.

For years, Google advertisers have been paying for traffic on the Google Adwords platform in 3 basic advertising areas: Google Search which is actually on Google, Content Network where web property owners subscribe to have Google ads placed on their sites, and Search Partners where Adwords advertisers can find expose their ads on Google Partners like AOL and Ask.com. Historically, the partners network has been the most ambiguous area with regard to where, in foct, the ads actually show.

Putnam submission to SMX is said to be innovative in exploring the possibilities to illicit Search Partner placements. It remains to be seen how far advertisers will be able to go after June’s SMX but Keyword Search Pros, stays confident that is a giant step in the right direction.

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