Google Removes Sidebar Ads

Google has just released the biggest Adwords update since Enhanced Campaigns almost 2 years ago. We’ve covered this built up before but now we believe this change will have a bigger impact on advertisers than the Enhanced Campaign Update and bigger than when they removed the 2nd page ad listings. Similar to how Google removed the 2nd page listings and introduced the 1st Page Minimum Bid, this change is forcing advertisers into fewer spaces on the first page because…

Google Is Removing ALL Text Ads From the Sidebar!!!

We have been monitoring closely the results of this change but its still too early to say for sure what effects its having on:

  • Advertiser Campaign Cost
  • Average CPC & Related Bid Requirements to Rank
  • 1st Page Minimum Big Requirements
  • Click-Through for Non TOP-4 Listed Ads

*****Frequently Asked Questions about Google Sidebar Removal******

So what is Google going to put into the sidebar? Well two things actually: Knowledge Panels AND Google Shopping listings.

How come I still see sidebar ads? Google is doing intermittent roll-outs meaning advertisers will experience this at different times depending on the session. As time goes on, Google plans to roll this out 100%. That could be complete this week or in a few weeks.

How many listings will be on the 1st page now? Depending on the search, and not including PLAs, up to 7 ads will show. Typically you will see 3-4 on the top left, and then another 2-3 at the bottom. So where there was once 10-11 positions, most of them near the top of the page, there will be only UP TO 4 at the top of the page.

How will this affect organic listings? It does not seem to be affecting organic listings as in showing less of them. Google has continued to show the same amount, if not more, on each page.

Why did they do this? Bing Ads has had a similar model for a long time and been very profitable increasing the competition for fewer spots.

What should I do about it? The best thing to do is KEEP CALM!. Keyword Search Pros or your paid search manager can help ensure that your are participating in the auctions on an ongoing basis. Advertisers should keep an eye on the cost/revenue relationship and strategist based on what makes sense for each instance.

Can I see what it looks like now? Sure. Here is a screenshot of a SERP with the removed sidebar ads.

Google Sidebar Ads Removed

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