What 500 Advertisers Said About Their Past Marketing Agencies

Chances are that if you’ve been advertising online for longer than 3 years, you’ve been through an agency or two. For some reason, the agency didn’t work out and you either hired a new one or decided, “We’re just gonna bring this thing in-house.” Everyone has their story, but whatever yours is, we aim to be the “last agency you’ll ever need.”

We interviewed over 500 advertisers last year to learn what agency experience affected them the most. We listened to them when they said told us about their “breakups” and the funny thing is, the reasons were very simple and easily avoidable.

There are many reasons why Conversion Giant has continued to grow over the last decade but the one that stands out most is: We stay in touch with our clients needs and goals. How that is done, has fled most marketing service providers ergo we have this opportunity to change your perspective on the digital advertising agency.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons How Marketing Agencies Fail Their Clients Badly (And Why CG is GREAT). Tell me if these sound familiar as we list them in first-person.

  • They didn’t understand our business.
  • We were getting poor performance.
  • They started off great but then after a few months, it was a bit lackluster.
  • They were really good at _____ but we needed ______.
  • You know, they were just… well… umm… okay.
  • They were charging a lot and we were not making enough to have it make sense.
  • We were always coming up with the strategy.
  • We would get a new rep like every 3 months. (agency size)
  • We just never heard from them.
  • I think they had too many clients and were to busy to work on our account. ( agency size)

By far, the most astonishing discovery is also the #1 reason advertisers let go of their past agency: Because they didn’t understand the advertiser’s business. It’s more baffling when their business sells some everyday, nontechnical, household product.

But quite literally, the agency did not CARE enough to learn about the advertisers business, which the business owner and upper management clearly do. Taking the time to learn (most deeply) the business and what’s important to the client could have avoided such a valueless ending. We find that when you ask the right questions, the advertisers are willing to give you answers. It’s really not that hard to give a $#IT.

Let’s face it, these are probably the ONLY reasons why agencies fail. Of course knowing all these things, it’s easy for us to say we’re better. We’ve been privileged and smart enough to learn from the mistakes of other agencies.

On a brighter note, once you’ve been through 3 bad agencies, it’s easy to know when you have a great one! Our clients come and they stay, under no long-term contracts, because it works really well for them. We strive to be the last agency advertisers ever need.

About Peter Dulay

Advertisers choose Conversion Giant because we know that conversions, revenue, and profit come from more than just your marketing. It comes from thinking “BIG” about your business.