6 SEO Tools to Help You Optimize Your Website in 2021


Conversion Giant’s Senior SEO Specialist, Dan Cromar, breaks down the six tools he uses everyday to help clients with their SEO needs. 



Video transcription: 

Doing SEO the right way is hard, but doing SEO the right way without any of the right tools is IMPOSSIBLE. So, here’s our list of six tools that we use every day here at Conversion Giant.

DISCLAIMER: We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of these companies or any of these tools. These are just tools that we like that we want to give a shoutout to and pass on to you.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider


One of the first things we do when we get a new client is run a crawl on their site. There is so much useful data you can take from this website audit tool, and the crawl parameters are so customizable.

Plus, Screaming Frog lets you export the data directly to Google Sheets. You don’t have to use .XLS or .CSV files, you can just go directly to Google Sheets.


Google Search Console


This is like your SEO dashboard from Google and it’s completely free. It’s so useful for seeing exactly how Google views your website. You can see all of your indexed pages, errors Google is encountering as it crawls your site, Core Web Vitals issues, and even limited performance and keyword data.

But if we really want keyword data, we turn to….




Look, we prefer SEMRush over AHrefs, alright? You can’t go wrong with either, but we like SEMRush.

It’s got such detailed keyword data. It’s a first step for finding new ranking opportunities or conducting competitor research. It’s also a go-to for search result page analysis.

Plus, if you’re the type of person who likes to pay for your placement, there’s even in-depth PPC data. What more could you want?


Link Explorer by MOZ


MOZ has a lot of SEO tools, but by far the one we use the most is Link Explorer. It’s our favorite way to get a comprehensive and digestible look at a website’s backlink profile.  Plus, they make it very easy to compare your backlinks to your competitors’, making it easy to find linking opportunities you might have missed.

If you want to try link building, Link Explorer is a must-have.


Google Trends


Are you seeing a spike in organic traffic that you’re having a hard time explaining? Try typing some of your keywords into Google Trends. You might be surprised to see some of the ebbs and flows of how people search for various keywords throughout the year. 

This is yet another free and often underused tool from Google.


The SEO Pro Extension from MarketingSyrup


Our Senior SEO Specialist Dan Cromar stumbled across this tool one day on Twitter, and we’re so glad that he did. It is a completely free browser extension that gives you a ton of SEO information about any web page with just one click.

We’re talking meta data, canonicals, schema markups, page status information — anything you could want with just one click. And we’ve used tools like this in the past; it’s certainly not the first of its kind. But we’ve never used one that works as well as the SEO Pro Extension. 


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