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7 common mistakes of new social marketers.

Social media platforms make it extremely easy and care free to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues and to network with others in no time at all. The flip side to this is that the ease of constantly sharing content and engaging with others has possibly lessened your reputation or improved upon it depending on what you publish. Businesses that engage in social media must hold themselves to higher standards, their image and reputation is at stake. Your direction and mission must be clearly defined for managers to accurately execute your social media campaign.

Many business owners have made attempts to manage and engage through social media, however many have become frustrated and overwhelmed with the task. Not seeing the results they expected they begin to wonder if their efforts are worth the time.
Below are 7 social media mistakes you may or may not be making:
1. Publishing without listening – Too much chatter about any topic will force people to begin to tune you out. Always remember that your goal should be to create long lasting relationships, and that takes time. Before beginning to publish anything spend the time to conduct the due diligence on your target demographic.
2. Quality matters – Leave a lasting impression, create content that evokes emotion and isn’t easily forgotten. Give people the reason to appreciate you, develop curiosity and follow your published works.
3. Too much automation – Automation is essential for every business to efficiently execute certain processes, but when it comes to human interaction this may not be the best place for automation. However, automating social analytics and other business insights is recommended. Be true to your audience; don’t make them feel alienated or conversing with a machine. Find the right balance is key to any campaign.
4. Stay away from offensive content – If you have to ask yourself if the content in questions should be published, chances are it shouldn’t. Although social media moves at the speed of light your unsavory content can pose huge road blocks in future relationships.
5. Don’t mix work with pleasure – Many professionals maintain separate profiles and accounts for personal and professional use. This can be challenging to maintain and manage but we can assure you the results will be better. A good rule of thumb to start is to never publish anything you wouldn’t want your mother or wife seeing.
6. Don’t be a lemming – Don’t feel pressured into social media just because many of your competitors already have a presence. This will often lead to businesses rushing into social media without clear direction or even a plan.
7. It’s all about lasting relationships– Social media is an amazing networking tool with incredible opportunities at every corner. It requires genuine effort and attentiveness from managers and business owners alike.

Business owners across the world that have had strong social media presences have seen increases in their customer base and loyalty. If you curious as to how and where social media fits into your business, we’re here to help.

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