Introducing “You Choose” PPC Pricing!

Happy New Year!!! We have been busy the last quarter of 2012 planning and developing the new inner-workings behind our Paid Search Management Services. To start, we want to talk about a new alternative pricing program which is being offered for the very first time in the SEM industry. We are proud to officially introduce:

“You Choose” PPC Management Pricing!

“You Choose” Pricing allows advertisers to choose how much they pay as a management fee based on the frequency of work completed on their account. We have broken down our service curriculum into “cycles” or blocks of various execution points within the account, allowing KSP clients to “choose” how many cycles they want technicians to perform each billing cycle. We have given clients back the control to choose “how fast” they see results.

Old Problem: Our “Old” pricing and standard PPC Pricing is traditionally 100% correlated with Monthly Client Ad Spend on search engines. This doesn’t account for how much work is actually needed in a PPC account. Sometimes advertisers spend a ton of money with search engines but don’t require a lot of work to be performed every month. And perversely, some advertisers that don’t spend as much need several rounds of work completed every month to get the desired results they are after. In both cases, they often under-allocate or over-allocate resources to the accounts which result in wasted time and expenses.

Solution!!!: Go with a PPC Manager that correlates what you need with what you pay. It’s really that simple!

How Cycles Work: Cycles are essentially blocks of work which are completed in an account every month between various account team members. Every account requires at least three team members or roles to complete a cycle. They are the account managers, the account strategists, and the account specialist. In each stage of the cycle, there are communication, strategy, and execution points which are conducted. Below is an illustration as to how a cycle might look.

  • Each stage color represents a different team role.
  • Each cycle constitutes 1 scheduled communication with the client for updates and feedback.
  • Communication within each cycle is not as rigid as depicted. Account management requires degrees of flexibility in order to provide the best results.

Below is the “You Choose” Pricing Model. Frequency refers to how often cycles are to be performed during the billing cycle each month.

**the “You Choose” Pricing model is an alternative pricing model by consult only.

Build-In Phasing: Keyword Search Pros realizes there are (and calculates for) up-front provisioning phases. This is billed into our new management pricing. When speculating which tier an advertiser should be in, it might be helpful to speculate how much work they would likely need in month 3 and beyond. This might take into account the number of keywords, ad groups, and campaigns but will more be dependent on the direction the account needs to go in.

Minimum Ad Spend: We instituted a minimal ad spend for each tier because we have found that there is still some (not 100%) correlation between monthly ad spend and required management services in an account. The reason is that most advertisers don’t have a realistic expectation of what is actually required for management.

As a PPC management company, our job is to bring order to where there is usually chaos and dysfunction. Much of what we do for our clients is set realistic expectations as to what needs to be done. Offering “You-Choose” Pricing furthers that expectation by giving them (you) the ability to turn up/down the frequency and establish some control over how fast results are achieved.

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