Taking Your Content Marketing Strategies to Market

What is content marketing and content curation? Content Marketing is the creation and publication of original content for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand’s perceptibility, and putting the company’s expertise on display. Content Curation is the accumulation, selection, and organization of the best possible content. Researchers in 2011 found that an impressive 82% of B2B marketers now employ content marketing as a strategy in their marketing programs. Other forms of advertising are search engine marketing at 71%, followed by events at 60%, public relations at 64% and TV/print/radio advertising at 32%.

Collaboration with content writers is important to ensure you accomplish your SEO goals and bring your content strategies to life. Questions still remain:
• Does outsourcing your content needs make sense for your business?
• What type of content schedule should you devise and implement?
• What are creative ways SEOs are working together with content writers to ensure they’re in sync to produce the best content possible?

Now more than ever, it is important that companies have a good content marketing strategy that focuses on readership and engagement. We composed a few memes about producing content and what to think about before you just start writing. They are:
Hiring Content Writers
You can outsource your content needs by hiring an agency like TextBroker.com or you can have someone within your business take on the additional role of a content/copy writer. Small to large business globally are outsourcing their content needs in an effort to increase creativity and collaboration. Whatever the size of your organization, be sure you hire content creators who are passionate, creative and memorable.
Whether you employ writers or outsource your needs, it’s essential for SEOs to work closely with any new content writers on the team.
Creating Your Content Calendar
A content calendar is an essential piece of planning for your businesses content strategy. It will help your focus and structure the execution of you content marketing efforts.
Creating a predicable focus and theme throughout the week trains your visitors and subscribers to expect certain types of content.
Collaborating With Your Writers
Collaborating with content writers is the first thing you should do to ensure that your vision gets implemented. Leverage their expertise to achieve your goals.
Writing for Web
Writing for the web is different than traditional writing; articles must be very relevant, unique and engaging. The most important part of the article should be on top rather than the end, as in some traditional media.
Keywords vs. Content
The optimal way to achieve great rankings on Google is to produce content that is most relevant to users. The best way to create the most relevant content is to create specific unique topics of focus.
If your content is focused on a specific topic, keywords will naturally be present within your content and naturally help your ranking. Don’t over stuff your content with keywords and it will only serve to upset the search engines and your visitors. Keep your viewers’ experiences at the top of your concern and you’ll do great!
Share Reports
Better insight for your in-house and extended team will help determine whether your efforts were effective. The added transparency helps keep content writers more engaged and allows them to analyze and optimize their work.
If you follow all the aforementioned steps, you’ll be well on your way to bringing your content marketing strategies to life and reaping the benefits from your efforts.

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