KSP Goes to Mountain View!

Last week, Google invited our President, Peter Dulay and our VP, Aaron Putnam up to the Google campus in Mountain View, CA for a one day special event put on by the Google Engage for Agencies team. The vent hosted by Shaunna Randolph, was a 2 Part lecture on “How To Build Better Relationships With New Clients.” Peter and Aaron stay very hands-on in their own respective roles with prospects and clients and are always looking to take this a step further.
Speaking in the new Partnerplex Building #40 at Google was G.A. Bartick, author of Silver Bullet Selling and former Apple Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki who was lecturing on his new book Enchantment. The core takeaways from the day were 1) That in order to stand out in this new day and age, we need to understand needs better and offer benefit solutions in today’s challenges rather than feature points of what we or have done and 2) Go Big on everything we do for our clients.
After the lectures, Peter and Aaron sat down with our Google Agency Team and discussed several topics from 2013 goals to some unreleased beta products that we will have access to before the general public.

After the guys took some time to hang out and do some fun palling around with our team. Here are pictures from last week including our Prez riding a Google bike. The random shelf of toothpaste kits (brush and tube stuffed in a drinking cup) are from the engineers corner of the building. They must work a lot! (bottom-right: Peter getting book signed by Guy Kawasaki; bottom-left: Anita, Dan, and Alex from the Google team long with Peter and Aaron)

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