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“I wanted to send a note about Carl Weber, our own “Paid Search Conversion Giant”.
HE has done a tremendous job for us, and he keeps getting better.
He’s always responsive to our requests, and willing to do what it takes to make our PPC investment bring us high conversion rates.
For instance, from 2015 to 2016, our number of buyers (conversions) for The Texas Steak Warehouse grew 60%!
I attribute much of this growth to Carl’s talent, abilities, and hard work.
What else can I say, except he deserves a raise!”

Lee Harper
Gourmet Foods USA/Texas Steak Warehouse

“Conversion Giant has exceptional knowledge of maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our Google Adwords program. My account manager is a pleasure to work with and is an incredible resource. I send many questions, often about all things Google, and he always goes above and beyond to offer thorough, insightful answers. Since working with Conversion Giant, our Adwords campaign continues to generate YOY increases in revenue. We are thrilled with the results, the attention to detail, the responsiveness, and the advice, and we very much appreciate having them available as an extension of our marketing team.”

Judith Kline
Marketing Director
Tahoe Luxury Properties

“If I had 5 minutes, I meant be able to come up with something cleaver but I don’t. I just got back from four days away from work, so I will say! The best part of working with CG is that they do the job well and in doing it well saves me time and money.”

Brad Frostad
Accordion Doors

“I recently had a competitive analysis of my Adwords account management. The competing rep was simply impressed by the set-up and performance and could find no major improvements to offer. Great Job!”

Lory Struver

“CG has been crucial to our online marketing campaign. The industry is dynamic: Rules & Policies change like the weather. Her help and guidance add professional reassurance––and results! Thanks.”

Dave Woods
Henna Color Lab

“In order to make your customer feel comfortable in what you are doing for them, it takes knowledge, experience, and the ability to listen. Conversion Giant has done this from the first time we spoke over the phone. This is what makes me continue to work with her as she allows me to trust in here abilities with our ad accounts.”

Vic Aslanyan
The Cabinet Spot

“We had gotten to the point of a very large monthly PPC spend with diminishing clicks, very expensive conversions and diminishing sales, caused caused surely from a very competitive and expensive keyword market in the US.

We had to do something, as we had gotten to the point that the PPC cost was extremely out of proportion with regard to sales and we were incurring in heavy losses. We went over with you several times with regard to the market for our services, the geography and languages used by our clients. I think this was very useful for all of us, as it was clear that we had to redirect our focus from a very expensive US market to much cheaper keywords in non US markets in English and Spanish.

We reduced 70% our monthly PPC spend and you designed very well focused campaigns in English and Spanish in the US and English Spanish campaigns focusing on one Spanish speaking country, plus a very economic spend in a remarketing campaign.

The reduction of spend and the above mentioned took effect the first days of December 2016. You have to take into account that December is usually a bad month for our business and we thought that sales for the month would go down 70% or more, but no, they were only 10% lower on the basis of a three week month versus four week months of the the two previous months.

In January we had a really bad first week with our site hosting supplier with disastrous effects, this was fortunately solved from the second week onward. In that time you and us sifted through more info and data and you proposed using a display campaign instead of a remarketing campaign, plus increasing our English, Spanish campaigns from the USA and one Spanish speaking country to most all of the world with the same spend and where the countries and language that works will make evident where we should concentrate. Also one nice feature of these English Spanish campaigns is that there is a total spend for both languages, and the market decides how this amount is used up.

For the month of January, or rather two weeks of January, the results have been outstanding: clicks in January have gone up 5 times compared to October and November 2016, conversions have gone up 4.5 times in the same period and about 5 times in the case of sessions. And this with a 70% less PPC spend. That looks very good!

Now let’s see what has happened to sales in January 2017. Our sales have gone up tremendously, 1.8 times; but this is misleading, as for some reason or the other, this increase came from clients we already had in the past that ordered important amounts of our services. But taking out these sales, at this point, we have the same sales rithm as in October and November 2016, but with a 70% less spend and with the huge momentum that is building up from the clicks and conversions that we are getting in the last two weeks. All this should convert itself into an important amount of sales. We will keep you informed. Also, the period analyzed is very short to have a solid definitive trend at this point, as well as there has been a great deal of volatility derived from the drastic changes that have been done. But, it looks very promising.”

Roberto Chandler
Documents International, LLC

“My account person has been great to work with. He responds almost immediately when I email him a question. I often have many questions when he emails me his suggestions and he’s always very patient and takes the time to explain things in detail. He has also spent lots of time with me on the phone going through optional keywords and budgets for Google and Bing. He has offered advice on how to increase our return and it’s paid off tremendously. We increased sales in 2016 by 22% over the prior year! I look forward to a prosperous 2017.”

Joi Guarino
Cap Wholesalers

“As a new client I’m still learning a lot and taking chances. It’s scary making the monetary investment and handing things over to someone outside of your business, but [Rep] has been honest, kind, and very knowledgeable since day one. When I have questions he answers them quickly and provides explanations that help me make important decisions. He’s made me feel as though he is always available if I need something and I know I’m not a large client. Monthly status reports, industry news and insights concerning my business are consistently provided and he explains my options and next steps in detail. I feel as though he really has my company’s best interests in mind and his positive attitude gives me confidence that we’ll meet our goals.”

Dana Steele
Belly Bling

“Conversion Giant and my account manager has been great to work with since taking over our account. He is quick to respond to any inquiries, and will do whatever it takes to resolve any problems. He consistently works to improve our campaigns and is always open to my input.”

Paul Ross
American Dictation

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